Kim and Kanye on Vogue - why the furor?

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Vogue has put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue.
This has apparently caused uproar. Sarah Michelle Gellar has tweeted about cancelling her subscription.

I’m not a fan of either and would not have chosen them but I don’t get the problem.

The purpose of putting people on the cover is too sell more magazines. I’m guessing they will be successful.


This is a woman who is famous because of a fuck tape. Not being real familiar with Vogue and its standards, I guess previous cover models has less unsavory backgrounds.

I think even the mentally handicapped would call Kanye West a retard, and Kim Kardashian is as vapid as they come.

They’re pretty much the most obnoxious celebrity couple out there- they both say and do astoundingly dumb stuff, and I think a lot of people find it more than a little offensive.

I gathered that the problem was that she had lobbied to be on the cover. I say this because I saw that Vogue denied it, stating that it was their choice.

And with the conflation of the names of couples, Beniffer etc, why aren’t this pair KKK?

Both have been on a kajillion covers before without anyone saying a peep so am I to assume this has more to do with Vogue than Kim & Kanye? Some ‘standard’ of cover model Vogue isn’t living up to?

As was said above, I think people are just annoyed because they don’t like them, and because he lobbied to be on the cover.

At this point, I am not sure that is really fair to say. Plenty of people have sex tapes, and few of them are as well known and popular as her.

Kanye West is hardly a “retard”. He is by most accounts a musical genius, and arguably one of the best producers working today. He may be arrogant and annoying, but the man’s talent is not in question.

Most obnoxious? I just don’t get it I guess. There are famous people that raped people, and committed serious crimes. The biggest knock against them is that they say ill advised things and are on TV too much. I just don’t get the hate.

The fact that she parlayed the fuck tape into fame better than most doesn’t change the situation.

Aha, honey. :dubious:

Sure it does given that is not why she is famous NOW. It’s not like fame doesn’t go away, so even if you want to make the questionable argument that she initially became famous because of the tape, it no longer holds that she is famous because of it now. It would be like saying Leonardio DiCaprio is famous because of Growing Pains.

And it’s also worth noting that while the sex tape made her a “superstar”, it was marketed the way it was because she was already famous.

These are good examples of facts that have absolutely no business being in my brain.

Pretty much. Why Vogue, I’m not sure, but the backlash seems to be that Kim is not classy enough for vogue and Kanye’s general attitude of “I’m the best, clearly” in interviews over the past year or so have really put off a lot of the sort of people who are way into twitter. Apparently Anna Wintour has also been less than neutral in her opinions of Kim so the sudden reversal looks a lot like someone realizing she can make more money by embracing the trashy than reviling it. And she can deny it til she’s blue in the face, I don’t believe that the decision to put them on the cover wasn’t sweetened with a nice chunk of change from the Kimye coffers.

The cover itself is fine, if a little cloying, except that as usual, I hate her make up.

I’d have to agree on most, if not all of these.

Nobody’s calling him untalented, or a hack, or any other aspersion on him as a musician. People are calling him a retard, which is an aspersion on him a person, because…well, have you heard the retarded shit that comes out of the man’s mouth?

Raping someone isn’t obnoxious. It’s evil and depraved. Being arrogant and annoying and saying ill-advised things is obnoxious–and you have to admit they seem to set a higher standard for these than most other celebrities when taken individually. Take them together, and yeah, I can see them being strong contenders for the title of Most Obnoxious Celebrity Couple.

Yes, Kardashian is trash. And yes, Kanye West is one of the biggest assholes on the planet. But the problem is “us”. The fact that society gives these people the time of day is sad in the extreme. Though this is brilliant.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is my moral compass, so I too will cancel my subscription.

A little known fact about SMC – her breasts always point toward madnetic north.

I don’t even know who these people are, so I don’t care.

Why the furor? Okay so basically most of her fashion choices turn out to be fashion disasters, and her obsession with selfies and her pseudo reality show that propagates the paparazzi generating non newsworthy tidbits about her life. now she gets her cover, but swamped in a wedding dress as a repeat bride. it hardly looks like her anyway, so really it works against her in a way.

She was? What for?

First, the insult was an attack on his intelligence and I think his musical accomplishments and general success belie that claim. Second, what exactly has he said that is “retarded”? Sure, he says things I disagree with, and things that are wrong, but he is not nearly as bad as many other celebrities.

Fair distinction. My point was that his behavior alone should not invite the criticisms he gets.

What has she ever said that was particularly noteworthy or worthy of contempt? What has he done that was that far out of bounds?

See, this is what I mean. Is he really one of the biggest assholes on the planet? Really? Is he worse than people like Woody Allen or Bill Cosby? Or Chris Brown or George Zimmerman? Or a million other non-famous assholes who make the world a worse place.

Why? Why is it bad that a extremely beautiful and (apparently) charismatic and intriguing woman, and an amazing, all-time great musician get lots of coverage? I don’t think I have ever seen a full episode of her show, but it apparently keeps many people entertained, and makes many people happy. Why is that a bad thing? She seems to be a fairly good role model, doesn’t break the law, treats people well by most accounts, and is extremely hard working. I just don’t get what either of them have done to invite such hyperbolic criticism.

What have they done that makes either of them one of the biggest assholes on the planet? What have they done to invite internet thugs to talk shit about their newborn baby, or to have random strangers call her a nigger lover, or for him to get death threats?Sure, she had a sex tape, but so have dozens of other celebrities who have nowhere near her success. Even her sex tape partner is doing jack shit these days. The idea that either of them are not noteworthy for a variety of reasons is just hard for me to grasp.

She first came into the public eye as a rich kid who hung out with people like Paris Hilton and dated celebrities like Ray J. She was in those circles because her dad was a rich lawyer who got OJ off, and her step dad was a famous decathlete. She made the tape in 2003. It was leaked in 2007. She was, by many accounts, already set to star along side her family in the show they have now when the tape came out.