Kim Kardashian look better w/o makeup

I’ve never been much of a fan, but these pictures really show that the real girl is 100x better-looking than hte makeup laden celebrity,

She’s obviously still wearing a lot of makeup. But I agree, she looks pretty.

Well, a lot for regular people. It’s like Tyson Gay doing 10.03 in the 100 meter dash…it’s slow.

She still looks best from behind!

No, that’s not without makeup by any reasonable definition.

This is more like it. Still nothing to shake a stick at, but not quite ready for the pages of Glamour.

Mmmm…goddamn! Fuck Glamour, that is just a naturally-beautiful woman there. Too bad she hides it with the gaudy makeup.

Just to echo what others said, she is still wearing a lot of makeup… tons of mascara, eyeliner, shiny lipstick, foundation…

I have no idea why I clicked on this thread, I could care less about Kim Kardashian. :smiley:

You know, I don’t care about Kim Kardashian, but every time I’m reminded of her existence I do think “Damn, that’s a pretty girl.”

And yeah, that’s not no makeup, that’s just good makeup. Good makeup calls attention to its wearer, not itself.

That first photo has had a lot of retouching. You can’t even tell it’s the same person in the second no-makeup photo.

She is quite physically attractive, I agree. But the more she skanks herself up, the more hotness she loses.

And when she starts talking, it all goes away.

I’m not totally clear on who this girl is (she has a reality show, right?) but she’s very pretty in the “without makeup” picture.

She’s famous for being famous, and also for having a big butt.

Well she started out being famous for having sex with washed-up R&B star Ray J on videotape. Then, for some reason, she got her own reality show. I’m still trying to figure out why she’s a celebrity when she hasn’t done a single notable thing. At least actors/actresses, y’know, act and have roles in productions.

Her father was Robert Kardashian, celebrity lawyer whose clients included O.J. Simpson. Whatever you thought of the O.J. trial, it can’t be denied that Kardashian worked hard all his life, made something of himself, and earned lots and lots of money.

Then he died and left that money to his idiot daughters, who’ve never had to really work for a penny their entire lives. So essentially Kim’s famous for being a rich, good-looking heiress, after Paris Hilton showed there’s a market for that for some reason.

Her body is red hot, if you like the kind of flabby red hot that she is. I do. However, her face is kind of strange. If you look at it from one angle, she is killer. If you look at her face from another angle, it is scary, like kind of a bad cartoon. I suppose there are steps that one can take to remedy that, tho.


If I had an Internet, I’d give it to you, because you won it.

Kim Kardashian has a face?