Kind of a dumb question about getting a mole removed

I’m getting a mole removed on Friday. Is it going to scab up after it is removed or what? How long does that usually take to heal. I’m asking because it’s on my face and I have a date Saturday night.

Depends. Are you going to have to have stitches? Are they going to have to cut it out of your face? If so, you’ll probably have stitches, and they will look kind of oogy the next day. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry.

Also, the next day after I had my mole removed, my face was a little swollen, and it hurt like friggin’ bloody hell. (That’s as MPSIMS as I can make it, and still sound outraged.)

I still have a bit of a spot on my face where it was removed, and it’s still occasionally tender. It still looks like a pink spot, kind of like a chicken pox scar. (But smaller.) I had my mole removed in April.

Does your date know you’re having this done? Will your date be sympathetic if you ditch? Otherwise, I’d make plans to reschedule.

How are you having it done? Mine were taken off by some kind of vaporizing supersonic wand. It didn’t hurt, but did produce small burned black scabs for a few days. No scarring, no pain. But mine were pretty small; don’t know about larger ones.

Mine is pretty small. I was thinking they’d just cut it off.

The guy would probably be fine if I ditched, but I really don’t want to.

It really depends on how big the mole is, what kind of mole it is, how skilled the doctor is, how it’s removed…in other words, there’s no telling. PROBABLY it will scab up a bit if it’s big enough to be removed. I’ve had various results even on my own body.

Maybe you could ask your doctor if you could wear some sort of jewelry over a bandage or something?