Kind of a sick question...but im wondering...

I know this is going to sound a little odd, but im wondering what ur opinion is, spit, or swallow? and if swallow, whats it taste like?

I think this does not belong in GQ. Also, I think that this being your first post does not bode well for your future here.

If you don’t know this you should not be using chewing tobacco! Stick to bubble gum!

I wasn’t talking about chewing tobacco…

You’ll have to learn when someone is funnin’ ya! :smiley: I know what you were talking about, and dollars to donughts it’s going to get kicked off GQ.

Are you the same guy who was wondering about backwash? It’s my opinion that you should swallow your saliva, spitting is a disgusting habit. As far as taste, I don’t think saliva has much of a taste.

What is an ur opinion? Is that a Babalyonian?

well if you want to know what it tastes like taste it!!! I know its sick but its also yours

Not in THIS town, you’re not, Pilgrim.