I love the way it feels in my mouth.

When I was in the AF, I found out this little goody. A friend and I picked up the habit of smoking swisher sweets. One night there was no Coke, just Pepsi. We downed it after smoking a Perfecto, and it made our mouths tingle, not unlike pop rocks. It was then that I switched to Pepsi.

It never did that with other sodas, just pepsi. Any one have any ideas why?

Sounds kinda interesting. I know what I like to feel in my mouth. :wink:

I thought you were going to talk about something else entirely.

Although what I like in my mouth does resemble a cigar :rolleyes:

ladies, anytime you want that feeling, I’m here to help :wink:

this is uncanny. I knew you were talking about pop rocks.


oops. I forgot to mention that I knew this before I opened your thread. otherwise it wouldn’t be uncanny, eh?

It works just as well with most carbonated beverages. I like Diet Coke the best.

I think those stuffed shirts who swirl their cognac in their little brandy snifters are really missing out on the true pleasure of the cigar.