Kinda weird question to ask but....(President related)

How come no one has tried to assasinate Bush Junior?
There seems to be alot of good reason among many to carry out the task, with the Iraq invasion and the war on terrorism.
so what gives?

Because if he was assasinated, Cheney would be president, and even terrorist don’t want that.

I thought Cheney was president.

Also, where would you shoot? Ain’t a lot of value upstairs, and being a Republican he has not heart. He already has kids, so a groin shot, however enjoyable, would prevent nothing.

I think that would be a bad career move on the part of any foreign government suspected of harboring, aiding, or abetting such folks. After all these tin-horn dictators are only president for life.

I don’t get it though, for example JFK, to the public and the rest of the world was a nice guy, but then got assasinated. Bush can’t be anymore of any of an asshole or a dimwit, yet remains in office unharmed.

You could say that hightened security has made it improbable that anyone would be able to, but remember Kennedy presided when the Soviets threatened nuclear anhiliation.

I don’t think being a nice guy has anything to do with it when you have nut-cases (Lee Harvey Oswald, Squeaky Fromme, John Hinckley) that want to kill you. I doubt that that’s at the top of their list.

Or, if you’re a conspiracy nut, all the folks who could pull it off are quite happy to have him right where he is.

I’m sure there are nuts out there who’d like to try to get him, just like there were some who wanted to get Clinton. But it’s probably a lot harder to take a crack than it used to be, especially now. Reagan barely survived his attempt, but I don’t know of any close calls since then…

Come on, Ryan– Kennedy tooled through Dallas in an open car.

I doubt that George could pull that off in any densely-populated area.

Hell, I wouldn’t give him very good odds on a public route in a rented popemobile.

Kennedy pissed off the FBI.

Maybe if Little G. keeps on letting Rove piss off the CIA, something will happen. (Outing the covert operative wife of a journalist you’re annoyed at is a stupid thing to do. Letting Rove do it is stupider. And then acting offended about questions about it is stupidest of all.)