Kindle PaperWhite v7

Watch out. This new device does not have any back light. You cannot read it in the dark.

Bought it for my 86yo Mom as a need as she is coming home from the hospital tomorrow. Love the Kindle, but this one needs light to be able to read it. Previous Kindles do have a back light. The v7 does not.

I’m very, very pissed. And I think this is my first pit thread. So… GRRRRRR.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t know what you’re talking about either.

  1. Not all Kindles are the Paperwhite model. There’s only ever been 3 versions of the Paperwhite.

  2. All three Paperwhite models have had backlighting. (Except technically, it’s a front light. The light is directed toward the screen from the front.)

  3. Here is a link to the current Paperwhite model. I have it. It has a light, which can be adjusted manually. It’s awesome.

  4. It’s is touchscreen only for page turning.
4. There is another model called the Kindle Voyage. This model has an auto-adjusting light, plus haptic feedback buttons for page turns. It’s also awesome but it costs $80 more than the Paperwhite.

Here is a link to the Kindle Voyage:
5. There have been many previous versions of the Kindle that don’t have the lighting. The current Kindle model is $80 and - again - does not have a built in light. Here is a link to the current unlighted Kindle:
Send whatever it is you’ve got there back and exchange it for whichever current Kindle that meets your needs. I like the Paperwhite best but some people are addicted to hardware page turning.

In fairness, it’s a bit confusing that the basic Kindle also has an e-ink display, since it looks exactly like the Paperwhite. I’m not really sure where the “version 7” stuff comes from, but the “New Paperwhite” is certainly lit (I have the first-gen and love it).

Mernieth - Shit, you’re right. I’ve never had a Kindle myself. My Wife has one. When I purchased it, I assumed it would have a light like my wifes. I bought it for her and she absolutely loves it.

I read from my phone which is of course backlighted. It never occurred to me that a Kindle would not be lit.

I’m bummed because I bought it Last July for my moms 86th birthday which is Aug 26th. She fell, and broke her hip Aug 15th, and is finally coming home from hospital today. It’s been nutso, two surgeries.

I just cracked the Kindle open last night to get it set up for her, and am VERY disappointed that it doesn’t have a light.

Oh well, live and learn. I screwed up.

So much for my first pit thread.

Amazon has a pretty kickass return policy, in my experience. If you contact customer service I bet they’ll let you exchange it for a Paperwhite.

nm, I should type faster.

This. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Kindle customer service. Like, above and beyond experiences–when my Fire v1 stopped taking a charge they swapped it out with a new one even though I was a month out of warranty. To be fair, it was a known issue, but my experience is not isolated. Definitely contact them and explain, enipla.

enipla - here’s Amazon’s Kindle page that discusses their return policy.

It looks like you’re passed the date where they’d take a return on it. But if you call them and explain that it was a gift which was only just opened, and that you want to exchange it for a more expensive model, they might work with you. Here’s their phone number:


Good luck!

You could always keep this one and buy mom the one you want her to have.

Here’s a possible solution. I use one of these with my basic Kindle.

I would contact them and try to exchange. They have always been great with me.

We have all three models here. Paperwhite is likely fine, unless your mother really likes pressing buttons. Then get the Voyage, which has the page screen change and the button page change.

Um… Huh? I don’t understand what you just said.

(I’ve got an old Kindle “Keyboard” model – forward and backward buttons – on both sides – plus the five-way navigating control button thingie.)

Here’s another vote for contacting Amazon. They are really good about exchanging Kindles. I had a Paperwhite that was almost 2 years old that suddenly refused to take a charge. I called to ask about repairs and they replaced it. They offered, I didn’t ask.

I’d be willing to bet big money (I’m such a high-stake gambler that I’d raise my normal bet of a nickle to a quarter) that if you explained that it was a gift that was only recently opened and that you wanted to exchange it for a more expensive one and were willing to pay the difference that they would quickly set it up.

Sorry. I’ll spell it out a bit more. The Voyage lets you touch the screen on either side to go forward or back (touch screen) and it also has thin buttons along the side of of the screen, in the case, that you can push instead, so you can use buttons for forward and back instead of the touch screen. It does not have a full keyboard.

Why not get the Kindle lighted cover for it? It’s nice to have a cover anyway and it would seem to solve your problem.

He has the Gen. 7 version. The older Kindle covers don’t fit.
Gen. 7 covers.

ETA; none of the covers have a light. However, some do activate the auto-shutoff/on

Got it. Thank’ee!

I presume it has to have a virtual keyboard, so you can type in your footnotes and searches and things. It sounds like a good product!

This is what I will probably do. I read with my phone at night, but it does not work in the sunlight where the Kindle excels. Good for vacations and hanging around the pool. Just need to keep the two of them synced up.

The instructions for the Kindle I have really threw me. They spoke of adjusting the screen lighting. But the icon for it wasn’t there. I called Amazon, gave them my order number so they knew exactly what Kindle I had and it took THEM a while to figure out it had no light.

Well, if you’re using Kindle reading software on your phone that will keep you synced fairly automatically, so that part should be painless.

I see. That seems a bit short sighted of Amazon.