King Kong (2005) trailer news

On most NBC/Universal networks. Online at Volkswagon.

If this was being done by anyone other than PJ, I’d probably consider it a needless re(re)make, but I’m curious what he’s going to do.


I wonder if the trailer will show us a glimpse of the main dude. I’m very interested to see how well Andy Serkis portrays an ape. I also want to see Tom Hanks’s son and see if he inherited any acting genes.

I should also mention that the trailer will probably be attached to “War of the Worlds”


No matter who does it, it’s an unnecessary remake. The original does not need to be remade.

The original is overrated. The dialogue and acting are both atrocious and Kong’s size seems to vary from one scene to the next.

To those who say it’s an unnecessary remake: PJ has said one reason he’s making it is for the current generation who missed (is missing?) the original. He points out that many kids today just won’t watch older films. My daughter who’s 13 will watch the Marx Brothers and lots of older flicks with her folks, but many of her friends just won’t. I’ve seen them - if it’s black and white or “old” looking they won’t sit for it. Sad.

And yet, I remember the Hollywood remake of Godzilla, which is known to we G-Fans as G.I.N.O.


Another vote in favor of a good remake, I saw the original recently with my 13 year old nephew, I still like it. But really! The special effects, though still sometimes impressive, are trully awful by today’s standards and taste. They really distracted and annoyed my nephew, let’s see what the Kiwis will do.

Promo for the trailer at


No it won’t.
It may try to get placed on War of the Worlds but everybody with a trailer will want on WotW. So it wil have to fight Dukes of Hazzard, Fantastic 4, and all the other July /August releases for a spot. It won’t be on every screen of War.

who edits yahoos finance news headlines?

Zebra You are probably right and know more about it but several newspapers reported it:,2106,3307043a1870,00.html

I think Stuff is just referencing The Dominion Post, and who knows where the DP got the info. I trust your sources more.


Wow. Think about this one for a moment…