King of the Hill 11th season premiere 07/01/28 (spoilers)

Season 11 starts tonight. It’s odd the previews make no mention of Luanne or Lucky.

I missed a lot of the last season. Anything I should know going in?

Since you asked I assume you don’t care about being spoiled. In the season finale Lucky and Luanne wanted to get married, but Lucky wouldn’t marry Luanne until he got his GED. Peggy tutored him, but since she didn’t want them to get married fed him misinformation so he’d fail (which he did). Then Luanne found out that she was pregnant.

Your title to your post appears very odd to my American eyes.

I know in some places they write the day first, then the month, then the year. Bt I’ve never seen the year written first.

Where is that the custom?



“I got the idea from shark week or an old Bettie Davis movie.”

I loved Carolyn’s mom. “a biological woman. Just because you were born male doesn’t make you any less real.”

I loved loved LOVED this episode. Hanks utter cluelessness? He’s the only character I know that could pull it off. The idea of Peggy finding another woman to commiserate with her big footedness. Jamie/Carolyn? and Her sweetness. (In the PT Cruiser (or cartoon version) no less)

And Bobby and Joseph and the practical joke book. I love King of the Hill. I really can’t understand why it doesn’t have a broader audience.

Wow, it was a Peggy episode that I not only didn’t mind, I enjoyed! I was wondering about the Lucky/Luanne thing too. Hopefully they’ll be back next episode. For some strange reason, I like Lucky.

“I don’t understand why more people don’t drive with thier high beams on all the time, you can see so much better.”*

Peggy reminds me of a woman I used to work with.

*or words to that effect.

I think Fox is airing the episodes out of order again (either that or this was left over from last season).

Who did the voice for Carolyn’s mother? It sounded familiar.

That’s what’s being reported on KoTH’s MySpace page (assuming that page is official), and echoed in an Animation World Magazine article.

There’s no other confirmation that I can find, or an official announcement from FOX, so perhaps that news should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

And yes, last night’s show was excellent - the only Peggy episode that didn’t make me want to stab her in the eye with a fork.