Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I know some of you have seen this. Great movie. I’m wondering which cliches or in-jokes I might have missed. I got a few of them. Like when the girl introduced herself as Flicka, I knew there would be a “My friend Flicka” joke, and there was.

Later this afternoon, I just got the one about Val Kilmer’s charachter’s name. Gay Perry = Gay Paris (I don’t know how to accent the i). I’m sure there are tons more, anybody remember some others?

BTW it’s available on Netflix now. I can’t imagine someone not enjoying this flick. I laughed out loud half a dozen times, and I was by myself.

I though the film was indeed fun for a while (in a wholly self-conscious kind of way), and Downey & Kilmer made a very likable team, but by the end, the movie had hopelessly become the kind of POS cop-buddy film it was so archly ridiculing for much of its length. Infusing heavy doses of meta-humor doesn’t change the fact that the end is a too-clever mess (and a complete cop-out to boot, re: Kilmer), and walking away, it all felt so inconsequential (which genuinely good “light” movies don’t do).

I saw the Gay Perry one straight off. I just saw it this past weekend. I thought it had flashes of cleverness, but in the end it left me flat somehow.