KISS on last night's Dick Clark TV special

Not a bad show, but one thing has me puzzled.

Gene and Paul were there. The guy in Ace’s outfit and makeup was OBVIOUSLY not Ace. He was at least 30 years younger and 30 lbs skinnier and had the smoothest face ever. The guy in Peter’s outfit and makeup had brown hair and no tattoos and weighed about 150. Also had a very pointy nose.

Do Gene and Paul own the franchise now? Are Ace and Peter silent partners, renting their personae for a quick buck? This is a bonafide GQ, please don’t roll me over to the cafe. Who are these kids, and where are Ace and Peter?

Yes, Gene and Paul own the Kiss franchise, and have for years. When Ace and Peter rejoined the group for the reunion tours, they were salaried employees, not partners. When Peter demanded more money before the last leg of the last tour, Gene and Paul told him to take a walk and had Eric Singer come in to play the gigs in Peter’s makeup. I have no idea about the specifics of the Dick Clark show, but your observations are probably right on target.