Kissing on "Friends"

Did every heterosexual, non-icky kiss combo happen in the show?

icky=Ross and Monica

I can’t remember Joey-Monica or anyone-Phoebe.

Joey did kiss Phoebe IIRC, because she had never had a “real kiss” b4.

Ross and Phoebe made out in a flashback sequence on one episode.

Joey had a dream in one episode where he and Monica were doing a crossword puzzle while cuddling together (after Joey saw Chandler and Monica doing that). I don’t remember if they went as far as kissing though. And of course it was imaginary.

Joey kissed Phoebe at least twice, once because she had never had the “perfect kiss” and another time when he was practicing for an onscreen kiss.

I remember reading somewhere that yes, every heterosexual non-icky matchup happened at some point (plus some same-gender action - Ross & Joey kissed in the same episode as Joey & Phoebe’s second kiss, and I think Monica & Rachel kissed offscreen). I can’t personally remember Chandler-Rachel though?

I don’t think Chandler and Phoebe ever kissed. Or him and Rachel, except in one fantasy sequence. Do imaginary kisses count?

Oh, and by the way: icky or not, Ross and Monica have kissed. (It was dark and he thought she was Rachel.)

ETA: And there was another time Joey kissed Phoebe, when she was pretending to be Ursula and breaking up with him.

I sort of recall seeing an episode where Ross and Monica did kiss on the cheek, in a completely casual non-sexual context like saying goodbye. None of the characters thought this was at all weird, but I did.

dream sequences and alternate reality count, IMO.

Chandler and Phoebe kissed in the episode when Phoebe and Rachel were messing with Chandler and Monica about their secret love (season 7? 8?), but it was more a moment of brinksmanship than affection.

In an earlier episode that season, Chandler kissed Monica in front of Phoebe and Rachel without thinking, and to cover it up he went on to kiss the other girls just as passionately – Monica passed it off as some Continental thing he picked up in London when they were there for Ross’s wedding to Emily.

I don’t carry this stuff around in my head, by the way – I just watched the episodes in question a couple of weeks ago. I own all ten seasons on DVD, and DON’T YOU JUDGE ME.

That didn’t happen on screen, though – it was only alluded to by the cast.

A quick googlin’ tells me Joey-Monica happened in an episode with a flashforward. Is that all combinations accounted for?

I swear I’ve seen every episode about ten times, and so far the only one I can’t think of is Monica/Phoebe.

I won’t judge you as long as you don’t judge me for sitting around way too late Friday night drinking with my brother extolling the virtues of a well placed Friends quote. by god, but it is permeating.

And by happenstance tonight’s episode on WGN is “The One With All the Kissing,” where (fresh back from London) Chandler is caught kissing Monica and proceeds to kiss the other two girls.

Yup, just watched that one as well, in fact, I assumed that’s what triggered the question.

All the friends have kissed each other, though one kiss is fictional (Monica and Joey in “The One With The Truth About London”), and two of the kisses appear off-screen (Rachel and Monica kiss to retain their apartment and Chandler kisses Ross at Joey’s birthday party before making out with Joey’s sister). Monica and Ross’s on-screen kiss is a quick peck. They also kissed off camera in “The One Where the Stripper Cries”.

Didn’t watch, but yes, that’s why I ask.

i think i’ve got them all here:


has kissed ross (relationship) chandler(in a college flashback, fantasy sequence, post london goodbye kiss) joey (briefly dated) monica (offscreen to win their apartment back from the boys) and phoebe (who kisses her to see “what all the fuss is about” in re girl on girl kissing)


has kissed chandler (relationship) ross (offscreen, mistaken identity) rachel (offscreen)


has kissed ross (flashback episode, right after he realized his then-wife was gay) joey(once as her first “real kiss”, once while pretending to be ursula, once after he proposes marriage because he thinks she’s pregnant, once to help with his audition) chandler(while trying to get him to admit his relationship with monica, post london goodbye kiss) rachel (to see what the fuss was about)


has kissed rachel (relationship) monica (offscreen, mistaken identity) phoebe (flashback episode) joey (to help with an audition where joey has to kiss another guy)


has kissed monica (relationship) rachel (fantasy, flashback college, post london trip goodbye kiss) phoebe (while hiding his and monica’s relationship and post london trip goodbye kiss)
joey (new year’s eve, where chandler was yelling for someone to kiss him, so joey does)


has kissed phoebe(several times, see phoebe entry) rachel (dated briefly) ross (to help joey with an audition where he has to kiss a guy)

no one judge me either…

Joey also kissed Chandler in season 1, the New Years episode.

yeah that’s in there under the chandler entry but i forgot to put it under joey too. oops…