Just because.

Prepare for your head to asplode.

And a video.


Very squeeable kittens! And now for some adult kitty squees:

Snickers is the calico, Biscuit is the buff and white.


A sheepskin rug in front of the fire? The cats will hate that! :smiley:

“Here’s a paw in the head for your troubles, kid.”

Who’s a fat little fuzzy woogums? You is!

Remembering you location, Lob, I scanned for tails and came up empty.

Here’s one for ya (attached to a cat)

Katie’s the tail-less one. I heard a disappointing rumour recently - that the Manx tail-less cat has spina-bifida which means they don’t like being picked up (Katie is a grumpy cat most of the time, especially when we have to pick her up)

Oh, they’re squee-rific! I had a nubbie-tailed cat once. She was not grumpy, so maybe she lost her tail in an accident.

Yeah, I participated in that thread. I grew up with Manxes, and bought one in my twenties, hoping to breed her. Research led me to spay her instead.