We gotta new kittah! (No pics in OP)

We have a new kitten!
It is manx (no tail) and has my absolute favourite type of coat - white with specks of tabby randomly spaced.

My mother has called it ‘kate’ which I can’t get used to (I can’t help feeling like I’m addressing a human child when I beckon it) My first thought for a name was ‘motorbike’ because within seconds of meeting it it was purring like a motorbike.

I got my camera out on that night, and after a few failed attempts to get the damn thing to focus I got the ‘warning - battery exhausted’ message. The spare battery was in another room, and it was late already, so I decided pictures could wait.

Then the next time I saw… kate she looked like a sleep-deprived frail old-age cat. She’d had her injections you see, and the vet had made a total mess of administering her ear-medicine. So the stuff was all over the cat’s head. She was not looking her best for photographs.

What with my camera’s utter crapness for indoor photography, you might have to wait for pictures.

BTW - ten weeks old she is.

They’re so cute at that age. My sister has a fondness for the tail-less variety too, although hers actually have little tail stubs.

Kittttttttttttttttttttties! I love kitties!! All my furbabies are grown now so I don’t get kitten love anymore.

Awaiting pics, when Kate has had a chance to clean up.

Ours range in age from 7 to 12 and we still get kitten love. Every day.

You are a brave brave man, my friend.

So, you’ve had 12 hours now. Shouldn’t that be enough to procure actual pictures?

[whine]We wanna see kitty pictures!!![/whine].

Kitty sounds very cute, by the way.


This time tomorrow (well this time tomorrow and about half an hour) I will take some pictures.

Today I was wearing some very airy tracksuit trousers (because I’d been cycling) and she was trying to climb up the inside… which was quite painfull.

She’s very good at footy, using all four paws to dribble the ball round the small room. It’s like watching a manic pinball game.

She likes to lick our hair, ears, and noses. She sure does dig in deep in the ears! The first time she did it I scared her away because I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out laughing… seeing this fisheye view of a giant kitten’s head as it licked close to my eye!

Damn thing wouldn’t stay still for a good photo, so the above is the best I could do.


The pictures seemed fine to me.

She’s adorable! I love her little paws. Kitties!


All together, now: “Awwwwwwwwww…”

I hate using the flash, and in these I pretty much had to.
Also I have fairly high standards about my photography and most of these are fairly clinical emotionless pictures of ‘generic inquisitive kitten’. I would have liked to have captured the personality of katie, the happy little kitten who loves her life and her new home, and shows it with her hyperactivity.

Actually, I think you got her pretty well. My favorite is the third one where she’s only partly in the picture. Almost looks like she moved too fast for you… And, what’s she playing with in the second photo?

Cute kitty… Thanks for sharing the pictures.


In the second picture she’s playing with the camera strap. That was half of the problem… the camera being something new to play with.

Well, she definitely looks like she was having fun with it.


Awwwwwww! Cuteness overload! I have a kitty who displays manx characteristics, except that instead of having no tail, he has a short, gnarly-ended tail.

Our last kitten turned a year old last December, so this kitten fix is long overdue!

Haha - she certainly looks very attached t it. Lovely kit/Kate! :slight_smile: