The weird thing about Manx Cats.

The weird thing about manx cats is you can’t pick them up and hold them in your arms in a comfortable way.

It seems unlikely that the lack of an insubstantial body part with almost no weight would make it difficult to hold one of them properly. I have lived with cats my whole life and it has always felt like the most natural thing to hold a cat like a baby or a rugby ball. But not katie. She struggles a bit and then finds her own comfortable position by using her razor-sharp claws.

Maybe it’s not the lack of a tail but the personality of this particular manx-cat. I’ve got to say I haven’t held many manx cats.
She also refuses to be a lolcat for me. She is far too fonz-cool. Maybe I have to set her up somehow. Teach me to make my cat a lolcat, she may be the first cat on to lack a tail if I can get her to do something captionable and funny.

When i was a kid, a neighbor had a manx. That was the meanest cat I’ve ever encountered. It killed another neighbor’s yorkie. As much as I love kitties, I gave that one a wide berth.

I’m sure its environment had something to do with it. That neighbor also had mean, scary dogs and a horse that would chase me if I cut across their field. Needless to say, the family wasn’t all that friendly.

From my admittedly unscientific sample of one, I believe Manx cats don’t believe they are cats. Our Manx is beyond intelligent even for a cat, and he holds himself aloof from our other three (tailed) cats in a strange way. He really does think he is a person and acts strangely person-like.

So the obvious “INVISIBLE TAIL!” hasn’t occurred to you yet?

Good, I’m planning on using it for a friend’s Japanese Bobtail

Lonsang, are there a lot of Manx cats on the Isle of Man? Is it like, the default cat status?

Dear Stubby had a wonderful temperament and his prediliction for sitting upright with his gut hanging would have provided great opportunities for lolcat captioning had there been digital picture sharing at the time. Over feed the bugger awhile and see what happens.