Kitten Cannon - Game

For your time-killing pleasure, a simple but twisted game.

926 feet. Oh man feather, you a bad putting this in MPSIMS. I love it.

Gack! That’s horrible. Shame on you!

Ooo, I got a 361!

1,304 feet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it was back in April, but my personal best of 2,114 feet still stands. :smiley:

Dang, Hal, I thought that the 1,415 ft I just had was going to be good. Got kiity up to 211 feet after a couple simultaneous trampoleen jumbs and a bomb!

My cat is seriously concerned – the sound effects are freaking him out. He’s looking for the hurt kitty, I think.

Somebody set up my kitty the bomb! I’ve only cracked 1000 once. Stupid kitten-eating flowers.

Bus wife hates you. I, however am going to play this forever.

My first attempt went 666 feet…

…this can NOT be a good sign!

Only 546. I did much better last time I played.

I can’t decide if it’s horrifying or hilarious.

Actually, it’s both.

1287 here.

  1. Damn, almost caught Hal.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

1297 ft on my very first attempt. Heehee

Is anybody else holding their breath waiting for the first offended kitten lover to yell at us, or better yet start a Pit thread?

(Still can’t break a 1000)

  1. Straight into a plant. Beat that! The object is to kill kittens as quickly as possible, no?

2039, three consecutive TNT bundles and then a trampoline, some splats and a couple of other boosts…

Still shy of 2114 though.

14 ft. Right into the spikes. Gah, I hate those spikes.

I can’t go outside to feed my friends. :shame: 2211 feet.