Kitten Pops Out As Hood Pops Up

A kitten that had sought warmth fled a car’s engine compartment at a quick oil-change joint in Winnipeg.

The humane society has it and gave it a bath (see video).

That’s basically how we ended up with one of our cats. My wife used to work at the local Honda dealership. Someone brought a vehicle in for service and the cat was under the hood.

Must have been quite the surprise to the technicians!

Glad to hear that the kitten has been cleaned up and is OK. Hope he’s adopted soon.

Poor kitty! He must have been so scared. :frowning:

Looks like he’s cleaned up nice though, and he has people caring for him now, so good news. :slight_smile:

“Nothing wrong with this car…it purrs like a kitten!”

Our cat crawled up into the neighbors car when she got out once. The neighbors came home to find me looking up into the wheel well of the wifes car on a snowy night. But she popped the hood and we were able to pick the cat right out.

I love how naïve people can be sometimes. As if a cat would be up to nothing but seeking warmth under a car hood…

“Well, there’s your problem! Your engine’s infested with kittens!”
“We can spray for 'em, but you’ll have to leave your car overnight.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone claims that cat. It seems very calm & accustomed to people, and perhaps baths also.

But if no one does claim it as their own, I’m sure it’ll be adopted soon. It’s very pretty & seems nice.

On the flip side of these happy endings, our neighbors kitten climbed into the engine compartment of my wife’s truck and ended up splattered all through the engine compartment.

That was one of the most disgusting things I have had to deal with and the wife felt kitty killing guilt.


^^Been there. Done that. Only in my case the “kitten” (it was about six months old) didn’t suffer any noteworthy external injuries–all internal. Still not a pretty sight. I don’t know where most cats hide out under the hood, but this one had actually crawled in front of the fan.

Our’s did the twisty thing in the belt and the shoot all over. I don’t particularly like CATS, but who can wish such a thing on a kitten?


We lost the station kitten once due to this. And some friends had a near loss when the same thing happened. Lots of visits to the vet, the cone of shame, and they had to make the feline wear a onesie to keep her from disturbing the bandages over the wounds.

It’s amusing and heartwarming when there’s a happy ending. Not so much when it doesn’t turn out well.

Arrived at my bus stop at the park and ride one winter morning and was surprised to find the driver crawling under the rear axle. Turned out there was a very frightened and slush-soaked cat perched on the whatever-the-flat-thing-is-in-the-middle-of-the-axle. Cat must have ridden there from the bus garage to the park and ride (beginning of the run) which was a matter of 20 km or so. Driver eventually called Humane Society and they came out and coaxed kitty into a carrier (I think sardines were involved). Apparently OC (for OC Transpo) was adopted pretty quick - very pretty Siamese mix.

I had that happen to me back when I was a teenager with a Pinto. When I revved the engine I would hear a scratching sound. The cat was on the air cleaner and revving the engine squished him into the hood. When I opened the hood the cat shot out like a canon.

Related auto problem picture.

Poor little guy. :frowning:

I guess he just wanted to wake up oily in the morning.

In the first picture he looks like the Cowardly Lion.

That’s how my Stormy was found, she was hiding in my wife’s car engine compartment. No one came looking for her, so she got to come home and fill my life with her presence. I’ll always miss her now.