How do you tell if a cat is having kittens?

I have a 2yo cat and she’s a tiny little thing with pretty fluffy long hair and a few weeks ago she went into heat and our 1yo male may or may not have gotten what he was after.

They were supposed to be fixed by now but we’ve been lazy and well, kittens happen.

So Roxi doesn’t feel any chunkier or heavier but she sleeps more now and I can feel her nipples when I pick her up.

It take about two or so months I’ve read and her size will depend on how many she has but are there other signs aside from wait and see?

I mean I’ve asked her and all that and told her it’s okay but she just stares at me like I’m an idiot. A couple of the teenagers in the house did have the safe sex talk with her and Riley but I don’t think they were very interested.

Well if she’s not in heat anymore then she’s probably pregnant. And of course ‘kittens happen’ when you have an intact male and female in your household. The gestation for cats is about 62 days. Take her to the vet now and if you want they can do a spay now.

But if she has kittens, lemme know if you’re anywhere nearby… I’m looking for 2 siblings. I am petless since my buddy Lucky passed away 2 March of this year. I was going to be petless, but I find that I don’t like it at all.

Cats can be spayed when they’re pregnant, or in heat, but it generally costs a few bucks more. Get both of them desexed NOW.

I love kittens and all, but really, the world does not need more kittens. Go talk to the animal shelter and ask them how many they have to put down.

This is the most predictable outcome ever what did you think would happen?

I know sometimes things get put off a bit longer than they should, but if not for the sake of the cats do it for yourselves. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, a female cat in heat is about the most annoying thing in the world and that male is pretty likely to start spraying some horrid and foul smelling stuff all over your house before too much longer. Plus, feeding and then getting rid of a litter of kittens is going to be more of a hassle than a simple procedure at the vet’s office would ever be.

And I think most important of all, every new kitten born is another kitten or cat that will have to be euthanized for lack of a home.

Please go get your cats fixed. Even if your girl is in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s not too late.

If kittens did happen they are fairly spoken for so thankfully finding good homes isn’t an issue.

Snowboarder Bo I am in Davenport Iowa and sorry to hear of your loss. I do not know what I would do without my animals. They are just as irritating and troublesome as my children and the random children I collect and I wouldn’t change it for the world. :smiley:

I couldn’t bring myself to get her fixed if she is having kittens but Riley is going in next paycheck and Roxi will be going in soon.

I didn’t say that the kittens would be an issue for us. I just wanted to know if there was a way to get an idea before taking her to a vet to have it checked.

It wasn’t like I was asking for the best brand of burlap sack to drown kittens in. We are actually kind of excited about it if kittens are happening.

You know she´s having kittnes if she has been in the presence of an intact male while in heat. There is no may or may not have about it.

Well, as has been stated previously, for every kitten you allow to be born, one gets put to sleep in the shelter. So if the life of the unborn are more important to you than ones already alive, enjoy your litter of kittens. Next time you happen by the shelter, ask how many kittens they put down that week. This time of year I can almost guarantee you it’ll be in the dozens.

Oh, fuck you. Milk is spilled. Would you rather he give the cat a kitty abortion? How about everyone abort their pregnancy until all unwanted kids are in a good home? Let’s none of us have sex at all until Madonna and Angelina Jolie have full houses.


Hell yeah.

We’re not talking about unwanted “kids” hanging around in an orphanage, all those unwanted “kids” get killed by the orphanage. If there were millions of kids in this country being killed by orphanages because there weren’t enough homes, maybe there would be some validity to the idea of cutting back on pregnancies, and focusing on adoption instead.

Heh…intact cats of opposite sexes = kittens. No exceptions. Not even if they’re mother/son.

My uncle (a truly tale-worthy mix of mushy sentimentalism, devout Catholicism and bipolar disorder) lived for years next door to my aunt’s house (which was originally my grandparents’ house, and the house my mother and her siblings grew up in) in an upstairs duplex. During this time, he started to feed a stray tortoiseshell cat, who grew pretty attached to him. When the city eminent-domained the whole block to put up a middle school (destroying beautiful Victorian houses to construct a monstrosity that wouldn’t look alien as part of a Soviet sports complex), he moved to an apartment, taking the cat with him (yes, it could very well have been an indoor/outdoor cat and he stole it unwittingly from its loving family…it would possibly be the least of his transgressions, even just in relation to pets). As it turns out, the cat was pregnant.

The litter was six kittens. Two of our current cats came from that litter, and he got rid of the rest through a newspaper ad. Now, at this point, the city hadn’t done any demolition on the block it e-d’ed, so now and then my uncle would take the cat back to the old neighborhood and leave her overnight, because “she was homesick”. (Seriously…that’s a quote)

Guess what? Penis ensued on one of these camping trips and the cat was pregnant again. Only this time, he kept two, a male and female. And didn’t get anyone snipped. Because he couldn’t stand to cause them pain. (Again, seriously)

So, just to keep everyone on track…Three cats. Two females. One male. See where this is going?

So, several months later, my mother gets a phone call. And my uncle is just SHOCKED that son cat would do that to mom cat! Don’t they KNOW!? (Seriously…he expected a male cat not to go after its mother in heat. Because it’s morally wrong. Cats. nods)

Suffice it to say that I could go on about this through another four litters, 24 cats in a studio apartment, him losing the apartment because of the cats, him trying to keep the cats in a rental storage shed so he wouldn’t lose the apartment, him getting reported for keeping the cats in the storage shed by the watchman who heard them crying, him taking the cats to an abandoned warehouse where he hoped to continue feeding them and having them as pets he could visit, someone poisoning them (it was horrible and really cruel), my uncle going into such mourning grief over them that he’s now a vegan…long story, all learned secondhand from my mother (I live a good three hours from them).

Anyway, yeah…look at a female cat in heat wrong and she’ll pop with kittens. Nature really LOVES feline fecundity.

Since when are kittens = children? :confused: Like Cheesesteak said, orphans aren’t killed when they’re brought to the orphanage because of overcrowding and they’re not killed if someone doesn’t adopt them in a week or two.
It’s estimated that 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters every year. This number could be DRASTICALLY reduced if people would stop being lazy/irresponsible/uneducated and spay and neuter their pets. It’s the people who just ‘don’t get around to it’ and those ‘we want her to have just one litter’ that cause much of the strain. If you’re going to be irresponsible with your pet you need to be aware of the consequences.

For the record, siblings don’t have better odds of being life-long companions than non-siblings. If you are looking for kitties that get along together, go to your local shelter or veterinary clinic and ask the staff. They can tell you which cats have been getting along.

Fair warning, I said the exact same thing and just last Thursday adopted my two new sibling kittens …cute they may be, but I’m starting to wonder if I made a big mistake!!

I’d forgotten how energetic and busy two little kittens in the same apartment can be!

My co-worker has 50+ cats. Her cats are always pregnant. The males are always eating the new kittens or they die shortly after birth. We all love kittens…that doesn’t mean the world needs any more.

She got three of them fixed. :rolleyes:

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Holy Cow jayjay, what a story!

Unless they were planning on adopting kittens (which it doesn’t sound like they were), these kittens being born does not impact the shelter at all.