Kitty crack

My son’s cat has been a bit stand-offish since my son came home from his little stay in jail, so I bought a packet of Whiskas Temptations cat treats for him to tempt her with as a bonding bribe. These things are kitty crack! I just caught her trying to rip into the packet (now if she were a dog, she’d have brought it over to me to get help) and decided to feed her a few…she about took my hand off! One or two is not enough…I poured some into my hand and she started gobbling them like a duck with corn! She tried to get three or four into her mouth at once. She can’t get to where I hid the packet, but she’s trying really hard. She’s actually up on top of the computer hutch trying to paw the doors open…hope the duct tape holds!

I agree…those Temptations are hands-down my cats’ favorite treat. I keep them on top of my armoire, that is too high for them to jump. They will look at me, look at the bag of treats, and meow longingly. They didn’t have them the last time I went to the store, so I made a big mistake and got two other kinds - one kind they refused totally (Whisker Lickens), the other kind (Purina something, they are soft) they will eat, but not with the enthusiasm they display for the Whiskas Temptations. The only other treat that comes close is the Purrfections.

Tawney, who is a sterotypical finicky cat, goes NUTS over Temptations. I keep them in a drawer in my coffee table, and all I have to do is open any drawer and she comes running and whining for some treats. She always gets treats after her pill, so now all I have to do is shake the pill bottle and she comes running. Pop the pill down, no muss, no fuss, and she gets her treats.

takes notes for new kitten

omg. OMG.

I’ve been meaning to start this exact thread! With the exact same title! My mom and I joke that the cats gather in the kitchen for a “fix” and that we need to find kitty methadone. Omg I can’t believe you made this thread, hahahaha!

I must have two freakish cats then - neither of them would touch Whiskas Temptations.

One sniffed and walked off, and the other made motions of burying it, which I thought said it all, really! :smiley:

Mine can take or leave Whiskas Temptations but go nuts over Science Diet Oral Care. I swear there is something addictive in those biscuits.

My Scout goes nuts for just about any type of treat - she’s the little piggy who will eat so much of her regular food that she has to vomit, at least occasionally.

Jake, no matter how what kind of treat I put in front of him, will sniff at it and walk away. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, and each one gets the same reaction.

That’s too funny. “Kitty Crack” is exactly what we call a treat named Kitty Kaviar. We’ve only found it at a little Mom-n-Pop pet shop; none of the big chains seem to carry it. It’s rather odd – it comes in big flakes, like cat-sized fish food. It’s also a bit pricey: $5.99 per can. But it’s worth it to me, 'cause my Raven is insane for this stuff. She only gets it at bedtime; as soon as she sees me reach for the can she starts trembling, standing up on her hind legs, mewing, and purring like a motor boat. If you can find it, you’ll probably agree it’s worth the effort and expense.

Our other cat can take it or leave it; he’ll usually eat it if I put it in front of him but he doesn’t crave it like Raven does. He’s frustratingly finicky in general, so there’s no treat he’ll eat consistently for any length of time. He’ll like a certain kind for a few weeks, then one day turn his nose up at it. We’ve got quite a stockpile of partially-eaten packages of various cat treats; we’re saving them on the theory that one day he’ll like them again. Currently he’s all about moist Whisker Lickins and crunchy Pounce.

My kitties don’t get treats (boo! hiss!) but I may have to pick up some of these to try. In our house, “kitty crack” means two things:

  1. Fox fur: I must keep fox out of reach of my male cat, Gator, because to him it’s better than catnip. He will tear it up in his throes of delight.

  2. My husband’s work shirts: When hubby changes, he will drop the shirt on the floor and Gator will go nuts rolling in it for about half an hour.

It’s only the male cat. The females are above such displays and scorn his actions.

Re: Kitty Crack

Am I the only one who thought of kitty’s butt? A sort of feline plumber’s butt?

If you think those things are addicting, let him try “CatSip”. It’s milk made for cats and kittens. If the kitty has a penchant for dairy, he’ll become a junkie instantly. I can’t even pour a glass of milk for my family without the cat thinking it’s time for his fix.

We had a bag of these. The kids go crazy for them. Tank (the older) is a “rub on it and mewl and see if mama notices” kind of cat. Jake, the newbie, is a “rip it open, eat all I want and then lounge on the floor cradling my distended belly” kind of cat.

Tank prefers the whiskas in the purple can. Jake likes the bagged kind.

Ours don’t seem to like Temptations, but we get the other Whiskas kind, Whisker Lickin’s. They have to be either tuna flavored, or chicken and tuna, in the hard crunchy star shape.

Three of our cats stand on the continuum between Ragdoll and Himalayan, and they tend, by nature of those breeds, to be quiet. Even when they do meow, it’s usually just a quiet peep or a mild little grunt. But the fourth cat is a is a fat tabby that we rescued from the alley. When he wants treats, he walks into the room, sits down, and says


We’ve explained to him very carefully that treats aren’t meant to be a staple, they’re supposed to be an occasional extra in addition to regular cat food. But I don’t think he gets it.

We may have to get him a meowectomy.