Kitty versus Bippy (and friends)

This lunchtime a little lost kitten was spotted in the work car park, with help from friends we captured the cute littl bugger and now she is being looked after until we can find her owner or a shelter for her. Does anyone know rules for addopting such a kitten? (it probably isn’t ferral since it reacted well to handeling when it was finaly caught). How long does a shelter give an owner to come forward before putting the kitten up for adoption?

depends on where you go… here in philly it can be 9 minutes to 3 days in some shelters.

i would take kitty to a vet. the kitten could be scanned for a microchip. put flyers up and if no one comes around kitty gets to choose a new home.

Flyers in the car park would be a good start. Kitty could have got away while being transported – or stowed away with someone.

(Okay. I seached the last two weeks of board action and I got FIVE results that have “kitty” or “kitties” in the title.

Just thought I’d share. Can kitty threads rival election threads in sheer numbers?)

We can only hope.

They sure are more pleasant than election threads :slight_smile:

OK I’ll look into creating some fliers, there is a mobile home park fairly near, where it may be worth posting them, but otherwise the area is all empty dot com buildings (silicon valley is almost a ghost town in some parts).