Kiwi fuzz--Yes or No?

Does anyone eat kiwi fruit peel? I don’t, which seems hypocritical, since I do eat peach fuzz/peel.

Well, I don’t like peach fuzz and therefore opt for the fuzzless nectarine. Being that kiwi is even more coarse, I don’t eat it either.

Fuzz on.

Yeah, I do. Mrs. ricepad thinks I’m nuts, but I’m just too lazy to peel 'em. I eat the whole thing…‘cept for the sphincter-lookin’ part.

Isn’t the skin of a kiwi more difficult to chew than the skin of a peach? I’m another nectarine lover. Forget that fuzz shit.

I just pick them up and eat them, fuzz and all.
When the office got a fruit basket with kiwis in
it and I ate one, people freaked out. Told me
the skin is poisonous, etc.

yeah. nobody taught me how to eat a kiwi, so when people found it strange that i ate the skin, i was surprised.

it is good.

for those who are not into eating the fuzz,
the “proper (some old English bitch taught me this) way” to eat a kiwi is to slice it in half and then scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon or dessert spoon.

nice and dainty, actually works really well.

I’m not to fond of the skin–it’s too tough to really chew. I’d actually eat more kiwi if it didn’t have so many damned seeds.

Yes, this is how I eat the little suckers. I also choose to eat nectarines rather than peaches.

You can always go for the hardy northern variety, that has no fuzz. You won’t find it in a store most likely. I hate fully ripe ones and only eat them not fully ripened. I won’t eat the fuzz either, that’s as bad as eating the whole sunflower seed.

hmmmm… I don’t like the peachfuzz… or Kiwifuzz(more like FUR) one time on a rollercoaster I ingested a deerfly or something… and now whenever I eat kiwifuz or anything on accident it brings back that memory and the feeling…
Fly’s, Fly’s FLY’S!!!

Mmm. Kiwi fruit. First, you have to cut them open. Then I gently spread the fuzzy outer layers, tounge out the sweet, yielding flesh, and slowly feast on the soft, wet interior.

Don’t eat the skin though. It’s kinda tough and a bit to fuzzy. Peaches or necterines are both fine, though peaches occasionally get that very light mold on the surface that you can miss if you don’t look carefully.

I think I’ll go out and buy some fruit . . .

“I like my women like I like my kiwi fruit. Tart yet sweet, Soft, yet firm. And covered in short, brown, fuzzy hair.”