How do you eat your kiwi?

I cut them horizontally and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. I bought a large bag of them, and that may be too much. What else can I do with them? Cool whip? They are so delicious! :cool:

Oh, these are the small round brown fruit (I think they are fruit) that are fuzzy. From New Zealand. Possibly grown elsewhere??

YOU DON’T! The birds are endangered and the people object to being eaten.

Kiwifruit are a whole other thing and best eaten as you described, or slice them and put them on a pavlova…there very best way to eat a kiwifruit.

And yes due to NZ govt stupidity they are grown in lots of places. Italy is a huge producer.

haha - you know your OP sounds very like an advertising slogan for a brand of choolate eggs here in U.K.?

Anyway - I’d do as you do, or, for fruit salad, slice them up.

btw - there are also called Chinese Gooseberries, so some Dopers might know them by that name.

I will hunt for those choc. eggs next month in the UK. Didn’t know about the Chinese Gooseberries name.


Perhaps sort of gently nibbled? How would they feel about that?


Yes some of us quite like being nibbled :wink: The birds still object though.

The OP title made me crack up. :smiley:

And yeah, I cut the fruit in half, and spoon scoop. Best after being in the fridge for a while. Yum. :slight_smile:

Awwwww I got all excited cause I thought Ice was gonna back me up :smiley:

I eat them like me spuds - skins and all.

Slice off both ends.

Slip the back of a teaspoon under the skin and run it around the inside (so that ther convex back of the spoon is running against the convex inside of the skin.

Repeat at the other end.

Gently squeeze and if you have done it right, the fruit pops out of the skin with almost no waste at all.

Hey, that’s an interesting method. I’m of the “skin them with a knife” school of thoughts. Messy method, though.

Yeah, Kiwi’s bleed just like everyone else :smiley:

Ah, not to worry. I meant the birds. :smiley:

Daft birds - couldn’t they evolve some wild new skill like flying?
And would the evolution be televised?

Sorry, folks - I really should do either more sleep or more coffee. :slight_smile:

You can try, Violet, but as they are Easter thing they general don’t release them till…ooh, at least Christmas Eve.

Hey we are proud of our short, fat, nocturnal, non flying emblem!

I found out that there’s no need to skin a kiwi fruit.

Yeah, that brown fuzzy skin is edible and tasteless. I cut off the ends, slice it like you would a potato and chow down.

Usually, I make the slices part of a fruit plate, with sliced banana, strawberry and apple.

Well, rats! If only my parents had emigrated to NZ when they thought of it - I could be SO happy there! Ah, I suppose I’d need feathers too, though. Not so good.

Dunno how stupid/non-stupid the NZ government might be, but the fruit is definitely of Chinese origin, fiendishly inventive place that it is. :slight_smile: