How do you eat your kiwi?

Take a sharp knife and cut out a cone around the internal stalk. Eat the rest whole.

If the furry skin or aesthetics are a concern, then peel it with a potato peeler. Mind you, Kiwis are usually touchy about even the slightest sign of rejection.

Yes the NZ govt was stupid. The chinese were not interested in the lil hairy buggers. We spread the word. We then sold the plants. DUMB.

The NZ govt has now renamed our kiwifruit as Zespry, to get back the industry. DUMBER

But pavalova is still the best place to put a kiwifruit/zespry :smiley:

Oh and Woolly we don’t mind rejection…cept when Aussies do it…you earthquake scaredy cats.

Not that it makes a lot of difference; the plants are really easy to raise from seed and although technically they don’t come true to variety, you’d never actually notice.

Another vote for eating them whole, skin and all.

There is something very lucscious about eating one like a soft boiled egg. Cut off one end place in an egg cup and eat with a small spoon.

So are the guys at Monday Night Football.

To everyone who eats kiwifruit with the skin on: Doesn’t that feel like eating a mouthful of hair? I guess I should try for myself…

True story. A few years back, my parents hosted a Japanese exchange student from high school. My mum prepped a simple meal, light boiled chicken with condiments and other bits and pieces on the side. In retrospect, I suppose since she wasn’t used to having chicken prepared this way, and that the chook was a bit on the small size, some confusion might result. The Japanese student immediately pointed to the chicken and said ‘Kiwi?’. Cue the whole table saying ‘no, no, no’ and furiously shaking their heads to disagree.

And apparently she still regaled how she was served ‘kiwis’ for dinner to the Japanese teacher the next day. :slight_smile:

On, and I eat the fruit chilled from the fridge with a teaspoon. It’s like mellons, they taste better without the bit on the outside. :wink:

Kiwifruit I swallow whole. Come to think about it, thats how I eat Kiwis’s too.

Only if you do it right.

Oh, you said fruit. Never mind.

I halve them and scoop – and I agree, lightly chilled is nicest.

Jr. gets them topped and tailed and sliced lenghtwise in 1/4s – like slices of melon.

The new golden variety are much less hairy than the traditional ones, so if eating the skin, or eating them off the skin, is your preferred method, you might want to hunt down some. (They’re also rather sweeter and IMO really yummy).

Yes, eating kiwifruit skin does taste like a mouthful of hair.

The inner white part is the BEST PART! The green seedy part is good, but too acidic with out the joy of the center.

As a kid, we ate them peeled (with a knife, nothing special) and sliced. I ate the green part and saved the middle for ‘dessert’.

Also, GREAT on “fruit pizza”… If you’ve never had fruit pizza, it’s an unhealthy snack that looks healthy.

Pre packaged sugar cookie dough. Roll into a circle, bake, cool. Flavored cream cheese (I prefer strawberry) makes the sauce, and fruit makes the topping. You can put a glaze on it, but I prefer it unglazed.

Chill, slice, and eat. The kiwifruit make it look very nice.

Well, I have never had one, but I would probably eat one the same way I eat Americans. Start lightly kissing the neck, working your way down to the hollow of the throat, then, lightly nibbling and kissing lower, alternating between the…oh. You mean kiwifruit. I don’t know, never ate one of those either.

Ditto, so it’s not as if you can eat them while on the computer.

I usually have a wetnap standing by. I’ll have to try the spoon method though. Sounds very clever!


Well, I learned a lot about kiwifruit! And will try the skin. The ones I bought say Zespri, and their site asserts good health from their product:

To kiwifruit and Kiwis! :cool:

As far as I know, I invented the spoon-peeling technique myself (although it is only an extension of the eat-like-a-boiled-egg method); I’ve never seen anyone else demonstrate it.

I do a fair bit of catering for small parties and the spoon-peeling method is an ideal way of getting intact, peeled kiwi fruit for slicing.

Lok, mate, you’d be real popular if you ever made it down here. Oh, my! :slight_smile:

Apollyon (your name reminds me of the Left Behind book :-),I’m surprised that youroffspring is the only one besides me who eats them melon type - in 1/4 and the eating it all inside.

I agree, the white center part’s best, but the green part is, too.

Has anyone ever tried it on New York Style cheesecake? I sliced some and put the pieces over a couple bare pieces of cake along with drizzling the juice over; boy, was it yummy!

I’m making pavlova (with kiwis) for a party of ten tomorrow - I make two thin meringue discs, instead of one thick one and I make a sweet vanilla custard with the egg yolks.

I spread the cold custard over the first meringue, then some pieces of jaffa orange, then the second layer of meringue, the whipped cream and fruit (couldn’t get strawberries, so it will be perfectly peeled and sliced kiwis, plus orange melon slivers), and squirt some zigzag lines of fruit sauce over the top (I cheat - the fruit sauce is just exotic pure fruit juice from a carton, thickened over heat with a little cornflour - it is surprisingly good).