How do you eat your kiwi?

Well, I was not all that popular on my last trip downunder. But then I didn’t make it to New Zealand that time. :wink:


Yes, but have you ever been to Australia?

Yes… sad. :slight_smile: I was quite surprised when I saw that book.
FWIW, I’ve not read any of that series, rather I’m an agnostic with an interest in angelology (from a more historical perspective than a fluffy pink cherub, or religious one) and found poor Apollyon/ Apollion/ Abbadon rather fascinating as a character who in Revelations (as the angel with the key to the abyss – as in the Durer woodcut) is an upright angel of the Lord, but who in latter writings is generally portrayed as amongst the fallen. His apparently arbitary reclassification interested me.

Mangetout, drool The pavlova sounds excellent – using the yolks for custard is inspired… I can never figure out what to do with the things. Thanks.

I’m also one of the people who it them whole. If I have a knife then I’ll cut off the ends to avoid the hard parts. But if I don’t no problem, will just munch right through em. Yeehaw :slight_smile:

It went down a treat again; in the end, I made a last-minute trip out to get strwaberries, as the melon turned out to be a little insipid (despite appearing to be fully ripe and fragrant from the outside).

To make the custard, you just add about double the volume of milk to egg yolks, a heaped tablespoon of white sugar and a bit of vanilla, then whisk constantly over heat until it thickens - you’re supposed to do this in a bain Marie, but if you’re attentive, you can just do it in a pan over a very gentle flame (have a chilled bowl ready to put the custard into, to stop it cooking)

Has anyone tried the yellow-fleshed kind? Yum, I really like them. A little sweeter and less acidic.

But I don’t eat the skin. I also don’t eat peach skins.

The yellow ones have jaundice…put them back.

They’re marketing them here as “golden kiwifruit”. They really are nice, honest.

I know, I’m sorry i was being silly.

Lots of kiwifruit R&D is being done here to make them different colours, hairless etc. The golden kiwifruit is a Kiwi invention. Just trying to reclaim the fruit we stole from the Chinese :slight_smile:

Kiwifruit skin?? Blech. (FYI from a Merican: Nobody calls 'em kiwifruit over here, they’re just kiwis. I think more of y’all need to visit and reclaim the name.)

The best way to eat e’m is sliced and quartered (skin off of course) and over a dish of vanilla ice cream.

But then the way to eat pretty much any fruit is over a dish of vanilla ice cream. Not that I have any at the moment.

Where are my car keys?

Cut the skin and ends off with a knife then slice into chunks. Juicy, dribbly goodness!

I don’t eat them. My friend brought home kiwi from work one day. They were siamese kiwi that looked like monkey balls. No more kiwi for Kalhoun!!

Yeah, been there too. :cool:


You’ve just won a SanguineSpider award for the funniest post in this here thread!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…we couldn’t eat them. We just sat them on the table and laughed at them. Drinkin’ and laughin’ at the monkey balls.