Kiwis coming to Calgary.

My wife’s cousin and her husband are coming to see us here in Washington next week then they are going to their first rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. It has just reached them about the recent flooding in Calgary and they are worried the Stampede may be cancelled.Is there anyone up there that can send some good news that I can pass on to New Zealand?

FYI, my wife and I are going down there this October. :slight_smile:

Show’s on, just make sure you buy the commemorative shirts.

I was going to make the “Hell or high water” remark, but Gorsnak beat me to it.

So yeah, in other words, it’s still on.

Racer, if your wife’s cousin and her husband like music, the band Walk Off The Earth will be performing at the Stampede, so maybe they can see that.

I was in Calgary once, but only for an afternoon, so I didn’t see much. The Calgary tower is one of the things I did see, and I’d recommend it.

How we’re putting it right now - you won’t see Calgary at its prettiest, but you will see us at our best. :slight_smile:

The Calgary Stampede is still set to go; we’re working frantically to get it cleaned up and set up for next week. They might not be able to go to the Calgary Zoo - there is major clean up to happen there still. Everyone is working to get everything returned to normal, though - I’ve been doing some volunteering, but I think I’m going to stop because there are just so many volunteers that clean-up areas are overwhelmed!

So, bottom line, come, spend some money in local businesses that took a huge hit in the flood, and have fun. :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot the most important thing - make sure you have hotel rooms booked already. It will be more difficult to book rooms than usual this year, since there may still be Calgarians in them.