Klaus Nomi in Mr. Mike's Mondo Video

There was a clip of Klaus Nomi singing in Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video. At least I think it was he. If it wasn’t, never mind I guess.

Anyway assuming my recollection is correct and it was Nomi, he comes out wearing some sort of science-fictional ball gown. IIRC he’s brought out on some sort of rolling platform. He sings a high-octive operatic piece.

Anyone know what the piece was, and where the clip originally came from?

Klaus Nomi sang a falsetto version of an aria from Saint-Saens’ Samson et Delilah. The clip was from Anders Grafstrom’s influential underground film The Long Island Four.

I have this video, and had it not been answered so quickly was going to post a snippet of this extravaganza, since I didn’t see it on youtube.

Well, put it there!

I have Mondo Video on VHS somewhere, but I don’t know where it is. Maybe in the storage unit.