Knit you own Penis...

…or maybe a penis sweater?

4th picture down.

I for one always wondered why the stereotype of older gay men always included the ability to knit.

Now I know! :slight_smile:

Wow. The big-toe covers are cool, but what I really need is a nose-cozy. Do you think they take special orders?

There’s a nosewarmer at


Nothing can get close to what I just clicked on in another forum. Replace ‘knit’ with ‘cut the end off’.

I’m not so convinced that the lipstick is really meant to be lipstick.

At last, I can have a matched set!

I’m thinking salt and pepper shaker cozies. That way, when I have children, we can have “the talk” and eat dinner all at the same time.

You can always knit your own authentic uterus. The childbirth educator for my first pregnancy had one of these. It absolutely cracked me up.

Or, if you’re not as concerned about anatomical correctness, perhaps you can knit your very own “cute, cuddly uterus doll” (complete with fallopian tubes, even.)

An old joke springs to mind:

My mother made me a homosexual!

If you buy her the wool, she’ll make you one too!