Knitter Dopers, a little help, please?

I have an afghan pattern I like to use. I’ve made it several times now, and I’ve just finished the strips for the next one. But there’s the problem, the strips. In the past I’ve just sewn them together with an overcast/whip stitch, which works fine, but it leaves a seam on one side. I’d like to try something that will join them without an obvious seam. That way the thing will be reversible. So I need some ideas for invisible joins, if anybody can help with that.

I’ll be away for the next couple of days, but when I get back I’ll be ready to put the thing together, so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

I found a good looking nearly invisible joining method here. You might also want to consider a single crochet join. It’s not invisible or reversible, but I find it very tidy looking. Depending how it’s done, it can end up looking like a feature instead of a necessary evil.

Hmmm… so are mattress stitch and horizontal mattress stitch disqualified?

I hate joining strips, so I always figure our a way to make afghans as one piece. On one hand, no seams. On the other hand, it doesn’t take long for you to have this massive piece in your lap and on the chair and on the floor… So I don’t make afghans when the weather is warm.

Solfy, that sounds like it will work. The side borders of each strip are garter stitch, so I should be able to use that method.

I knit quite a bit, but most of it is very basic. I’ve never learned too much in the way of other technique, so every time I need something I have to look it up or ask. Mom taught me and I think she was self-taught. She was pretty good at it but not particularly interested in getting into technique or art. She stuck with basic. It’s really only been in the last few years that I’ve taken the time to get into it in more depth.

Sattua, I think mattress stitch won’t work with this because it’s garter stitch and mattress stitch seems to be for stockinette. I’m glad to have seen it, though. I’ll have to come up with a project to use it.

Thank all of you for your help.

FCM, I hate joining strips, too, but this one is so easy to knit and has the advantage of looking more intricate than it is. And I know it so well I can do it almost in my sleep.

The reason I want it to be reversible is that there seems to be some disagreement about what is the right side. With no visible seam on one side it can be used either way.