knitting dopers - help me find a simple skirt pattern

I foolishly promised my daughter I’d knit her a skirt. I’m new to circular knitting and just want to try to make a straight little mini skirt for her. Any hints, patterns? All help will be sincerely appreciated, even if I have less time to thank you all than begin to winnow thru the knitting sites Out There.

PS - she (the 15 1/2 year old) did wear the scarves and hat I made her. Now if I can finish the leg warmers before they’re out of style again…

You might start by looking through the archives of Knitty. That link will take you right to the skirt patterns. Skating Queen is really cute and so is Eyelet, though that looks a little long for your intentions.

MagKnits also has a couple skirt patterns, Swirt and Silk Garden Swirl. Silk Garden Swirl looks really cool, but I don’t know if the construction is as simple as what you were looking for.

You’ll want to use a yarn that has memory, so no one-hundred percent cottons or silks. Even with that, you’ll have some butt-sag, from sitting down and walking around stretching out that area. That’s not a sign that there’s something wrong with the pattern, just the nature of the beast.

Is there anything worse for a knitter than being in between projects? I’m twitchy right now…I just ordered yarn for placemats (free download at and they now have podcasting !

Meanwhile…there’s a KitchenAid mixer on our countertop that is just begging for a knitted cover…