Knock it off with the overuse of the "rollseyes"

Why do we have a Happy Jewish Man ;j , anyway? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Could we possibly get a Guilty Catholic Guy? I could suggest a prototype picture . . . but this isn’t that type of board.

And, since I’m hijacking anyway, I know he’s a Happy Jewish Man, but I always seem to see him as a spider. A Happy Spider, but still a Spider.


And, just to keep with the theme, :rolleyes:

I lost track…

are the rolleyes for the OP? or for the rolleyes to the OP? or for the rolleyes to the rolleyes to the OP?


This sucks. I actually agree with blowero.

Some statements are so stupid that the :rolleyes: is a perfect match for exposing them.

Is this the smiley over user anon meeting?

I don’t think I :rolleyes: often but I am a :slight_smile: and :smiley: addict. I do this to send the distain my way. Does this make me a harmless addict?

I think they’re now calling it a functioning addict.

:slight_smile: and :smiley: are technically known as gateway smilies. 86.9% of all people who use those smilies go on to the hard stuff, such as :rolleyes: or :eek: or even :dubious:. Do yourself a favor and stop using smilies now! Before you do this: :mad:

Hey, every little bit helps.

I knew attending the anon meetings would set me straight…even if I :D’ed in my last post. I feel a cure coming on :smiley:

Ok it is a gradual thing!

Why use any smilies? :confused:

It’s a compulsion. Plus they are purdy :smiley: (oh bugger there I go again).

I strongly support the adoption of Thrusty! At least 50% of my posts could be replaced by a single ::thrusty::. Think of the time savings! For example, now I have to type out:

Hey, Middlecase, nice fucking idea! I got yer thrusty right here! Up yours, pal!

The same message could just as accurately be conveyed with a Thrusty and a Winkie.

Truly, with Thrusty, the board would enter a new Golden Age of incivility. I for one welcome our new thrusting overlords.

Some people have time to spend crafting an intelligent and well written reply to why you feel the previous posters argument was specious or outright incorrect.

The rest of us have a life outside the internet and use crutches like smilies to save time.

:rolleyes: As if!

:frowning: OK you got me.

Actually, he doesn’t look like a Happy Jewish Man to me. He looks like a bad photo from the late 1800s of a Chinese coolie.

:eek: OMG, look what I saw: :rolleyes:

Hey Giraffe, yer fuckin’ welcome! I got yer welcome right here, pal! <Thrusty!>
Hey, it does work.

That was actually pretty funny. I don’t hate you nearly as much now. :wink:

There’s an assumption here that, if you can write well, smilies are redundant. I wonder if that’s really true. Take Jane Austen, for instance. Surely her prose would have been even more powerful with a few well-placed smilies - unfortunately, she was born in the wrong century. Just imagine how she might have used them:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife :wink:

Oh, Mr Darcy, whatever are you doing? :confused:

Sometimes a post from a certain poster defies words and begs for the :rolleyes: I will continue to use it for those instances. Mainly because it mirrors my own expression.


;j Funny, I never thought of him as a Happy Jewish Man. I’ve always thought of it as a Little Brownie Girl. Maybe because I’ve got curly hair like that and I was in the brownies when I was little. So it kinda looks like me.

Of course, I can also look a little like a Happy Jewish Man on a bad day, so that one can work too.