Knock it off with the overuse of the "rollseyes"

I get it; the other human being, who also has an education and working brain, is so stupid that you must express your complete disdain for his argument and worldview. Please attempt to do so using formed intelligence expression.

For an open minded and understanding group, the use of the rolleyes smiley as a response to arguments is legion around here. It may seem a small quibble; I admit that it is. The use of the rolleyes so constantly, however, is just petty. It stopped being clever and funny after the first user discovered it.

Please, limit the clever rolleyes follow ups that will inevitably occur to three; four would just be ridiculous.

That is all.


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Actually, I agree with the OP.

I just clicked on the thread to see if the first response would be a rollseyes. Thanks for not disappointing, Knorf!

I’m a newbie moderator on another messageboard, where the admins put the kibosh on the rollseyes smiley about half a year ago, due to its obnoxiousness. Can’t say we’ve ever missed it.


Oh great, another one. :rolleyes:


The only way to combat the use of the rolling eye smiley, is make to an argument that doesn’t cause the reader to do so.

And being that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, I don’t see that happening.

So suck it up, quit whining and shut the fuck up about it.

Hey, I resemble that remark!




Oh, ow. My head.


Amen. If people would stop making fucking ridiculous arguments, there would be no use for rolleyes.

Shit, there’d be no need for message boards.

I’m sure the eradication of the rollseyes smilie put an end to all expressions of disdainment. <rolls eyes>

Let’s see what Happy Jewish Man has to say. What do you think, Happy Jewish Man?

;j : “Only two and a half months until Channukah!”

…and there you have it. The rolleyes smiley makes a perfect Channukah gift. It’s fun for the whole family.

Ah-so if we all would embrace the brilliance of wisdom to which the Gods have made you alone privy, then truly the lion would lie down with the lamb.

Get over yourself. You drop political commentary in a thread which was 100% clean, start an insult match with another poster, and try to come off as a model of intellectual illumination?

The Blowero Rule book

  1. If I don’t agree with it, it’s fucking ridiculous.
    There are no other rules


and just for good measure

:rolleyes: :wally

There was a Threadspotting about this a while ago…


Sometimes :rolleyes: is the only appropriate response for a continued circular argument.
“Oh, ferchrissakes, when will this idiot shut the fuck up!”

At other times, :rolleyes: is an appropriate sentiment to express self-disdain.
I thought a + b = C. Duh.
Frankly, it takes a :wally to point out that all of the :cool: people use :rolleyes: to make their point. :smack:

Wow, that kinda came out of nowhere. Bring baggage into threads, much?

I didn’t know he was for expressing condescension; he just looks kind of glum to me. Maybe we need a <cups crotch, thrusts pelvis aggressively, “Hey _ ! I got yer _ right here!”> smiley {thrusty?} instead. It would save a lot of time.