Know any good Flash cartoon series?

Something like this one?

I’ve just recently developed a liking for cartoons in flash, because of some well-done ones I’ve seen in the past little while.

“Series” limits your choices. One time humorous flash cartoons can be found aplenty. It’s harder to find series of cartoons using the same characters and animation teams.

Four years ago, used to be home to three halfway decent web animation cartoons: Undercover Brother, which was made into that regrettably unfunny Eddie Griffith movie… Sistas in the City, which seemed to have somehow morphed into UPN’s “Girlfriends”… and Those Who Walk In Darkness, a superhero action/adventure told from a cop’s POV. Sadly, having recently checked that site I can tell you non of those episodes still appear there.

Your mileage may vary with any of these. still has various episodes of other series up.

Are you talking about Barry Allen, Wally West, Flash Gordon or Flash Thompson?


Have you seen “Salad Fingers” (Part One, Part Two)? There are only two episodes so far, but it’s going to be a series.

So, you are aware of the great stuff done over at Homestar Runner, right? Check out the sb emails.

It’s more like a series of focused rants but Ill Will Press gets a thumbs up from me.

Odd Todd has some of my favorites.

I’m fond of Chi-Chian.

A big second to Odd Todd. Hilarious stuff!

And there’s Tim Burton’s Stainboy over at Shockwave.

If you like The Flintstones and Star Trek then you should enjoy Stone Trek

Check out Camp Chaos. Some of their stuff (like Napster Bad) is absolutely the most hysterical stuff I’ve ever seen.

Another big thumbs-up for oddtodd. The “laid off” series is hilarious.