Know where I can get a copy of a doll from a horror movie?

Just watched Curse of the Witch’s Doll with my girlfriend today. She loves horror more than me I think. Anyway, the 2 things that get her most are creepy kids and dolls. I want to see if a copy of the doll is available but can’t find it on the usual sites. Anyone know if there’s a way to get one? Thanks

If they aren’t commercially made, you can try to find someone on etsy to make one for you.

They might of look exactly like the one in the movie but look up Japanese ball joint dolls. Those are some creepy dolls.

Any doll? Because it’s pretty easy to find versions of He-Who-Kills.

Check the websites for local science fiction conventions and see if they have lists of vendors, which might include people who make dolls & cosplay materials from horror movies.