Looking for custom-made puppets

I run a military aviation museum and am interested in starting up a new kid’s program with puppets - only problem is I need some pretty specific puppets.

Anyone know any custom puppet makers that are willing to do one-ofs?


great, thanks for your help :dubious:

You could check out Etsy, I know there are some puppet makers there:

There is a custom section where you can request special projects. You might also want to search for puppets and see if anyone does custom work, not everyone checks the posted requests. Hope that helps.

If there’s any children’s museums or theatres nearby, or even a non-children’s-focused community theatre, you might want to check with them as well. You might find crafters/costumers/puppet-makers interested in a new challenge if it pays.

I’d try Craigslist, They have lots of categories for asking for things

And don’t overlook Google. “custom puppets” turned up a jillion sites.

I may know someone who might be interested. Send me an im

If you are going to get a Hitler-Stalin-Mussolini puppet, order a set for me, too!!!

A three-headed puppet? The kids will love it!