Need plush-toy rabbits with customizable names

Would have put this in Marketplace except that that’s for sellers and I also don’t have forum permission there - so…this is the only remaining suitable forum:
Trying to order a Christmas gift that needs to arrive or be obtained within the next 8 days or so - specifically, it needs to be a plush-toy rabbit or other similar stuffed animal (but preferably rabbit because rabbits are meaningful to this particular recipient) with names for it - i.e., “(recipient name)” embroidered on the rabbit or otherwise tagged or labeled on it. Anyone have any online ideas? Amazon doesn’t seem to have it.

In the next 8 days is going to be difficult for any ‘real’ company, especially when it’s just a handful of one off designs.
My suggestion would be to go to Etsy. Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, find something relatively close and ask the seller if they can do what you’re looking for. Finding someone within one days shipping of your location (so, within your state or the neighboring ones) and send them an email.

My only other thought would be to go to a local silk screening/embroidery shop and ask them if they could do what you’re looking for if you brought in the stuffed animals.
Look for places that make custom shirts/vests/hats with logos on them for businesses.

“Personalized plush rabbit” brought up lots of hits, including one at Amazon. The few I checked showed delivery between Dec. 6 and 10.

I just checked and you can get a stuffed bunny with a name embroidered on the ear at the Build-A-Bear website.

I was gonna say Build a bear, also. You could just get a rabbit and get someone to embroider a name on a baby bib or like. For the rabbit to wear.

Aha nice, some of these look like they would work well, thanks!

I think Stuffed Safari lets you add custom bandanas.