Koch Brothers at it again...but WTH????

Seems that a foreign subsidiary of the Koctopus admitted last year to the Federal Election Commission that it had made $26,800 in illegal political contributions to various groups from 2005-2009. Foreign companies, even foreign subsidiaries of US companies, are not permitted to make political contributions in the US. It’s a no-no. So what did Charles and David do? The admitted their wrong-doing, paid a fine and requested the contributions back from the recepients. But the largest recepient has so far not given the funds back. Guess who it was?

The Democratic Governors Association. I thought these guys were solid Republicans. WTF?

Here is Politico on the Kochs’ 2010 contributions to Democrats.

Of course they admitted it, so they could take the Democrats to task when they couldn’t give it all back.

And yet the Kochs are on the mail/phone list of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, chaired by Senator Patty Murray. The DSCC has actually asked the evil Kochs for five-figures’ worth of their filthy lucre. http://www.kochfacts.com/kf/letter-to-senator-patty-murray-chair-democratic-senatorial-campaign-committee/

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The article in Huffpo is simply the most recent/high visibility.

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My personal favorite, inclusive of Governor Scott Walker talking to “David Koch” (audio).

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Do wealthy individuals not have the same rights as everybody else in this country?

Why should the wealthy be procluded from being involved in the political process?

Unions give way more money to political causes than the Kochs.

Geoge Soros uses his financial influence (as much or more than the Kochs) for left wing agenda issues, why is his involvement okay, but the Koch’s bad?

ETA: and as evident by the OP, the Kochs give to candidates and reps on both sides of the aisle, not just conservatives.

All the big companies pay both sides.

Has anybody read anything? Because if not, I can’t see continuing this conversation.

Here’s a text transcript of “David Koch” with Governor Walker.


BDBoop, you do realize that the conversation you quoted was not with David Koch, but with the editor of the BuffaloBeast pretending to be David Koch, don’t you?

Your credibility as a poster is taking some serious hits.

Dude? You don’t get that “David Koch” in quotes means that wasn’t David Koch?

But Walker didn’t know that.

That says more about Walker than it does about the Koch Brothers. David Koch has never even met Walker before. Politicians are whores.

I see you didn’t even care to address my questions.

You’re not admitting that you accused me of believing he was on the phone with David Koch, and attacked my credibility? So why should I answer your questions.

:confused: What’s to admit? Of course I asked if you were aware that Walker never actually spoke to David Koch, which is whom the thread is about. It wasn’t unreasonable for me to make that assumption based upon your posts.

Please don’t answer my questions. It’s clear that holding a rational conversation with you is not likely.

Okay. Buh-bye.