Coming soon, a new gender-neutral bathroom: David Koch's grave

Yes, you heard right, folks. Half of the pair of brothers most grossly responsible for the propagation of anti-government and climate denialist propaganda is dead.

The Koch brothers were best known – and vilified by Democrats – for their role in politics, and they used their vast wealth to build a sprawling array of think tanks, foundations and political groups to spread their small-government, free-market message. In some elections, the Koch network rivaled the spending and scope of the national Republican Party, and analysts view their activism as helping to have fueled the Tea Party movement.

I really don’t think I can stress the degree to which this one person was harmful to the world we live in enough. If there was ever anything resembling justice on this planet, I’d have wished he could have stayed alive to face the fruits of what he sowed, but given that there clearly is none, all I can do is hope that he is soon joined by his brother, and that the burial site is public enough that we can all take turns pissing on it.

I applaud your thread title.

That is one of the great things about time–even though it also takes the David Bowie and the Leon Russells from us it also removes festering cankers on the collective genitalia of the world so that’s nice.

Stay classy, dude.


He probably left a giant grant to continue his shitty work. But I will happily dance on his grave.

Replace “embarrassing” with “classless” as necessary

I know everyone likes to make public figures either heroes or villains because that makes world simpler and makes it easier to draw lines to separate “us vs them.”

However, I do not see David Koch as a simple one-dimensional evil conservative. He donated plenty of money and effort to various programs and causes. From Wikipedia:

I feel the same about George Soros. He is villainized as this ludicrous left-wing boogeyman by conservatives when in fact the guy survived Nazi occupation and opposed communism.

I think there would be very few that could claim to be as big and as brazen polluters than the Koch brothers. One can’t put a price on the damage they did to our planet. They probably also spent more money than any other individual or group funding the Climate Denial Organizations. David’s Hell that he should be going to should be at least as hot as the one he helped contribute to for future generations that are going to have to live through it.

Are you implying that left-wing Americans support Nazis and communism?

In case you’re serious… no.

He clearly was stating that Soros was NOT the left-wing boogeyman or Nazi that the American right painted him to be, as he opposed both Nazis and communism.

Maybe I was just whooshed. Hard to tell.

No I read it that way too.

It’s still fundamentally bullshit, mind you. This equivocation between someone who occasionally gave moderate political donations to democrats and two people who have built a conservative political movement based entirely on their money is asinine. But it is helpful to conservatives to be able to say, “See, both sides do it!” :rolleyes:

Soros is a scapegoat. The Koch brothers are a legitimate political force, almost entirely for the detriment of humanity. I care as much about their contributions to the Smithsonian (contributions that pale compared to both their political contributions and their personal wealth) as I care about the genuine philanthropy of any other fucking monster. Less, even.

Considering the source… :rolleyes:

Yeah yeah yeah, and Al Capone gave money to soup kitchens. I do not see the Kochs as one-dimensional evil conservatives. I see them as the Magic Eye Stereograms of Evil Conservatives. Frankly, they are a walking argument for the estate tax.

One down…

That’s fucking hilarious coming from a shitstain like you.

Hitler was nice to dogs. Definitely not one-dimensional.

How long til we hear the Clintons had him killed?

The infamous Robber Barons made large charitable contributions, too, in an effort to rehabilitate their reputations. But most of Koch’s donations were directly self-serving; his funding of educational institutions, for instance, was largely in the interests of indoctrinating new generations of like-minded libertarians. And his involvement with PBS had a malign influence on editorial policy in what had been the last vestige in America of independent television free of commercial influence, including the cancellation of a documentary describing the influence of Koch money in politics.

Sonny, you’re worse than stupid. You’re boring.