The Koch Bros. hit a new low -- killing a rapid-bus line in Nashville just because

From Salon:

IOW, the “just because” seems to be just because they can.

Actually, if I’m reading the quote from Ogles right, they’re doing this not because they can, but to demonstrate that they can. That’s pretty significant. Still evil, but significant.

Weak pit. Copy-pasting an article, no piss and vinegar. 0/10. Apply yourself.

Well, if the poor have access to transportation, they’ll be able to get jobs and make money, and then they won’t be poor anymore and thus we’ll be unable to hate them.

Can’t find it on Google, but I recall reading about some English aristocrat in the 1830s being dead-set against railways because “these things will allow the working classes to move about!”

Sorry, but crafting actual insults to throw at the Kochs appears somehow . . . superfluous and redundant.

Read about NY Transportation Czar Robert Moses sometime:

Indeed. He designed the overpasses on the Long Island “parkways” to be to low for buses to pass under to discourage busing city dwellers to Jones Beach.

And starting yet another content free thread to stroke your epeen is fucking annoying. Have something to say or shut the fuck up, asshole.

Charles Koch had bet his brother David a dollar that he couldn’t shut down an entire rapid-bus line in just thirty days.

First, they came for the mass transit in Nashville. I said nothing because I’m not from Nashville.
Then, they came for the mass transit in Memphis. I said nothing because I’m not from Memphis.
Then, they came for the mass transit in Los Angeles…and they said, “Waitaminute, who got here before us???”

Pacific City Lines.

“Won’t someone rid us of these turbulent assholes?”

He offered his opinion they “they have hit a new low.” That’s a data point to debate, or pit, if you prefer.

Not that it’s quite the worst thing they’ve ever done; it’s the “just because” motivation that sinks it. As Leaper put it in post #2.

So is this a law written to make these illegal?

That’s pretty much his whole schtick.
Here’s what somebody said. <insert link to article>

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Boy, conservatives suck. Durp durp.*

That shit gets old. He should learn a new trick.

I don’t get some of the stuff ALEC or AFP stands for. Why would ALEC support stand your ground laws, or why would AFP oppose a bus line?

Are they just throwing bones to their voter base to keep them happy? This bus line will benefit non-whites and poor people, and will make some middle class (whites) uncomfortable according to the article. Is AFP opposed to it because of that, or something else? I don’t get the motive.

Not to engage in godwins law or histrionics, but I have read that fascism is a unity between the wealthy business class and the socially conservative working class. Seems about right, although these people aren’t nearly powerful enough to be rightly called fascists. But there is a lot of hostility to democratic institutions.

In order to boost sales to the gun/automobile industries which will then lavish huge cash donations upon them?

[quote=“Oakminster, post:17, topic:685112”]

That’s pretty much his whole schtick.
Here’s what somebody said. <insert link to article>

I have.

Open your mouth and close your eyes.