Koko Taylor dies

She was 80. Breaking news here.

A great voice is silenced.

I love her work, sad to hear of her passing.

So sorry to hear that - her music brought great joy to my life.

Damn. I’m sorry to hear that.

They’ll be pitchin’ a wang dang doodle up in heaven. All night long … alllllll night long.

She was at the Hot Springs Blues Festival last year, and I didn’t go.

Shake hands with the Devil, make him crawl in the sand.

I had a chance to sing with her (random background vocals) at the Mint in Los Angeles about 11 years ago.

She was a classy lady, and she will be missed.

Saw her at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI many years ago. Today, I’m glad I did.

Well said. Thanks for the music Koko!

Damn, not many of the old blues legends are still with us. I loved her “Wade in the Water” album and Koko’s Hound Dog was by far the better version