"Queen of Country," Kitty Wells, dies at age 92

Story here.

This is quite sad. She seemed like a wonderful person. I can recall a lot of her music from my youth-my dad was a great fan of hers, and I followed her career, at a distance, over the years, looking her up on Wikipedia every so often.
IIRC, she was active into her 80s?



Where I grew up, the only radio station we could bring in was WWVA—Big Country!

I got to hear all the great country stars singing songs that I still remember the words to. I think my parents might even still have an album of Kitty’s. I know they’ve got Ferlin Husky, Sammi Smith, Porter Waggoner, and even Doc and Chickie Williams.

Strange how sad it feels to learn that one of the old-timers died. It reminds me of a lot that has up and gone away.