KOTOR: Want to get the last character sidequest(spoliers)

I’ve found the location to the star forge, but I don’t want to go until I get everything else tied up. I’ve pretty much run through the sidequests for all the characters, except for Juhanni. I’ve been approached by the slaver, and she’s pretty wound up about it(I can’t blame her. If there’s anything I hate more then sith, it’s slave traders). I’m you can guess I’m playing LS.

She suspects he’s going to try something I know that there’s an ending to this, but where is it? I’ve been going around to the various planets trying to trigger the slaver. Any hints where I need to go or what I need to do?

The ony thing that you can do is keep talking to her, trying to advance the conversation. Eventually, you run into the guy again (no certain planet, just one of the “trigger points”), and the fight ensues.

But, if you’re already on the Unknown Planet, you won’t be able to do it.

Hate is the path to the Dark Side! :smiley:

Anyway, I haven’t played in a while, but there’s some comprehensive walkthroughs that might help you out here .

Hope this helps!

I haven’t gone there yet. I want to get the slaver thing out of the way first.

And I’ve advanced the conversation as far as I think it’s going to go. Everytime I talk to her, she says “My blood boils to think of him. He will try something. If we can find him first, we can stop him” I can’t even ask questions.

It’s just a matter of finding him.

Does he show up in the docking bay somewhere or what? Does she need to be in the party?

Never mind. I figured it out. I didn’t realize I had to go to the next area then come back.

That was actually more satisfying not to kill him, just because he wanted it so badly.

And damn, I love this game. It may replace Fallout as the “Best RPG EVER”, but that judgement will have to wait until I get to the ending.

I’m curious to see what your reaction is. Personally I liked KOTOR up until the ending, which I didn’t care for and was objectivly no where near as satisfying as Fallout’s.

The ending was lazy, and Bioware doesn’t have the excuse of Obsidian that Lucasarts screwed them.

You need to have Juhani in your party and just land at docking bays. As long as no other scenario pre-empts it and you have advanced the conversation far enough, it will happen. Try Korriban for best results.

Well, I finished it.

The ending wasn’t bad, but not great. I know they were trying to do an Homage to “A new hope”, and it was good enough. It could have been better, but the only thing I can think to make it better would be to do a “1 year later” thing where they show what everyone has been doing in the meantime.

The ending didn’t annoy me. What did annoy me was Malak going on for 10 minutes about how strong he is and how week I am and blah blah blah. I went through almost every subquest in the game, including all the character ones. None of them bugged me(Well, I wanted to smack griff around a bit, but I like mission so I didn’t). After a couple minutes of that, I just wanted to say “What is wrong with you? You’re evil! I’m good! Let’s get this over with!”

What is it with Villians and Grandstanding? I thought he was a great villian until he started on with his final speech. I mean, he was clearly evil in every way, and he’s missing his jaw. That worked well for him.

And the endless speech at the end just ruined most of it. All he needed was to get on a pipe organ and start playing Bach’s Tocata and Fugue.

BTW, did they ever mention what happened to his jaw? That was just freaky. I started think of Seth Brundle during the last 10 minutes of “The fly”

I don’t think they ever explain it in the game. I like to imagine that as the sith lord, you force bitch-slapped it right off his face.

Yeah, but you’d think if you had a lightsaber so close, it’d be just as easy to cut off the head as cut off the jaw.

I know they were going for an homage to Darth Vader.

A couple more questions:

  1. I’ve heard there’s a way to see a secret ending. What is it?

  2. Is there a way of getting in-game screenshots? I want to show a friend some of the gorgeous views in some of the levels.

The Dark Side ending is more satisfying, partly because it isn’t just a New Hope recap.

As the reinstated Lord of the Sith, you and Bastilla unleash a massive fleet from the Star Forge to conquer the galaxy (complete with bombastically EEEEEEVIL music)

I thought KOTOR II’s storyline was more interesting (although less epic), up until the last third or so, at which point it gets wacky. The ending is even less satisfying than KOTOR’s.

Jade Empire, on the other hand, has an excellent storyline, particularly for aficionados of Ancient China and/or kung fu action films, and ends well to boot, including a brief epilogue describing what happens to the main characters after the game ends (something that would’ve made KOTOR 1’s ending infinitely better, IMO).

I was really looking forward to KOTOR 2, it was made by the people responsible for Torment so I’m not surprised that the story was better. However, I then found out about the rushed ending so I still haven’t played it.

I’ve heard about some people trying to put the ending back into the game using the speech files that are already there, I figure if they’re successful I can buy KOTOR 2 then at about 20 bucks and play through the proper game :cool: .

Yeah, I read the transcripts of the KOTOR 2 files (having the Xbox version precludes my actually playing such a mod), and the original ending as written was fantastic. Wrapped up all the character subplots and conveyed a sense of genuine tragedy, a rare thing in a video game.

Apparently, Obsidian was forced by Lucasarts to release the game several months earlier than originally planned, and didn’t have time to complete the necessary animation and cutscenes for the complete ending (although obviously a lot of the dialogue was recorded)… a real shame, as the result was a tacked on conclusion that resolved little and barely made narrative sense at all.

Unless it was an injury from the war - perhaps when the Jedi attacked the Sith ships, when trying to kill Revan - I suspect it was a symptom of the decay that the Dark Side causes. Check out the deterioration of the Emperor in the SW films, for instance. This is also shown in KotOR2 - if your character goes Dark Side, you start looking rather cadaverous.

Do you happen to have a link to them?

“You sly dog! You got me monologuing!” {or words to that effect}. As to the missing jaw, he cut himself shaving with a lightsabre. And Xor the slaver? He walks up to this badarse Jedi catwoman packing two red lightsabres and offers to buy her off you? That guy may not be too bright, but he has balls of steel.

Well, the Emperor’s deterioration was

due to being flash fried with his own Dark Force Lightning

My thoughts exactly!

 Yes! This is the first time I have heard of an ending other that the rather unsatisfying one that we got stuck with. Please someone enlighten me!

Actually, last night, I was thinking “Maybe he was using his lightsaber as a toothpick?” THough the saving one is better.

And I agree. Xor had balls, but obviously at expense of his brains. I know he didn’t think much of Cathars, but for god’s sake, she’s a fricken Jedi. You don’t just confront a Jedi(let alone three) with a couple of low-level thugs.

Then again, towards the end, he seemed determined to prove she was just animal by goading her into killing him.

For the transcripts, you can find them in this thread.

The scenes of Malak before he fell to the dark side reminded me of some nancy little school boy. However he got it, whether from Revan or from the war, I can definitely see him pulling the classic villian “My face, my face! My beautiful face! You’ll pay. GRRrrrrr.”

It really seems to fit him.