Kramer Ferrington Guitar

Hi everybody.
I’ve been lurking for years and I know there are more than a few guitar guys here so I thought I’d finally sign up and ask for some advice.
I have a Kramer Ferrington acoustic/electric guitar that I’d like to sell and I have no idea what to ask for it. From what I’ve been able to find out on line I think it’s a KFS-1 made around 1986. Mine has the diamond shaped fretboard inlays and a Kramer logo inlay behind the 21st fret. It also has the Kramer logo on the headstock(I’ve noticed that some have a Ferrington logo instead), and volume/treble/bass controls on the top of the body.
I should mention that I have limited access to the internet right now so I may not be able to check the thread for a few days, that’s assuming anyone replies of course.
Any help would be appreciated.

Basically, you need to do some research. I would first check places like eBay - do a search on completed auctions for guitars like yours and see what you can learn about value ranges. Another place to check is GBase: Same thing - put in a search.

Some points -

  • Make sure the matches are pretty specific, in terms of your specific model, year etc. You may want to Google your guitar - of course you should - and see if some fanboy has posted a bunch of research documentation on KF guitars and which specific sub-groups are more desireable.
  • To be clear: condition freakin’ matters. Be honest with yourself - if the guitar has clearly been played, dock a big % off the values you see when the example is marked as mint. Don’t kid yourself or you will set too high of a price and be left hanging.
  • Plan to spend a bit of time monitoring those websites. You are always better off if you get a few data points so you can be comfortable with the value estimate range.

I have a Kramer! (Not a “good” one, but I’m still happy with it.)

On the off chance you didn’t find it, here’s a webpage on the old Kramers, including specifically for the Ferrington models. They have a serial number identification page as well.

(There are new guitars being made under the Kramer name now, which is what the page covers. So if you found that page, it won’t help you.)

I have one too, but with the dot inlays. AFIK you shouldn’t expect to get more than a couple or few hundred dollars.

Nobody would describe this thing as anywhere near mint and I found a similar one in better condition than mine on e-bay going for $240 so that gives me a starting point.

I did find one one of the sites that ZenBeam linked to but I must have missed the serial number page which should be helpful.

It’s actually not a bad guitar IMO, sounds a little tinny when plugged in but I use it mostly as a compact acoustic and being a really awful guitar player I’m easy to please.

Thanks for the info.