rare fender guitar

A while back I asked about a rare fender guitar with a beach scene on it and I want to show it to someone. I cannot find it here, or photobucket to save my life. Could whoever found it for me please do do again?



Dude, I’ve been watching “Antiques Roadshow” for the past 12 years, and the antique Fenders generally price out between $0 and $25. We go back, so I will offer $25. :smiley:
In reality, a lot matters and, under NO circumstances should you entertain any of my offers.

This is the only other thread I found where you used the word ‘Fender’.

Ogre suggested you search for Fender Moai Madness, and notes that only 600 were made.

Thank you, Johnny for finding it for me! I need to clarify with dropzone that I don’t actually have that guitar, but was posting on Drum Forum’s “Other Instruments” that I was thinking of getting it, but felt the novelty would wear off. I wanted to include a picture, and searched all of my posts/threads and must have skipped the one Ogre answered.

Thanks once again!


That scheme would look really great on a Telecaster.

Or a Jaguar. Something with the surf sound.

You’re welcome! :smiley:

Or as my wife once told me when I wanted to buy a Gretsch White Falcon: “You go on stage with that, you’d better damn well know how to play it!”

“My wife. I think I’ll keep her.”:slight_smile:


My daughter bought a bottom of the line Strat and a guy from church, a luthier, has offered to sweeten it for $35. She hasn’t yet. She must.

It needs the frets filed smooth with the neck and the saddle lowered to speed up the action. I did this on my own, including whittling my own bridge pins, but this guy actually knows what he’s doing.

I am a miserable guitarist, but I sometimes play an actual instrument. They are drummers and beneath our contempt. They only like it because its beach scene matches their drum kits. For us, a beach scene is too ironically cool for words. Low-ball it. Drummers don’t deserve more.

I’m trying to figure out the seated figure. A hermit crab looks on as cigar-smoking, fedora-wearing, uke-playing monkey eyeballs a tipping rum bottle?

That or some guy chomping on a cigar-smoking hamburger.