Kramer's Cigar Trick

I’ve actually seen this trick performed a number of times, most recently on a “Seinfeld” rerun. The performer basically sticks the lit end of a cigar/cigarette in his/her mouth. How can they do this without suffering painful burns on the inside of their mouth?

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I don’t know if it’s as much a trick as it is a talent developed through practice. I remember reading about how this was the customary way for Filipino women to smoke at one time. I imagine the “trick” is no more complicated than keeping the inside of your mouth moist and keeping the lit end away from your tongue and the sides of your mouth.

I should have been more specific. What I’ve seen on TV isn’t the act of simply placing the lit end in your mouth and just leaving it there. I’m referring to the performer placing the lit end in his mouth, realizing his mistake and then violently fumbling the cigar out of his mouth. It’s this violent fumbling that I’m wondering about. How can they do this without the burning end coming into contact with some part of their mouth?

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I don’t remember her name, but the actor who played “Rebecca” on Cheers demonstrated her ability to do this. Some people have the genetically conferred ability to curl their tongues enough to hold a cigarette and manipulate it enough to do ‘tricks.’

Don’t try this at home.

Here’s one I used to do in high school. Lick the pad of your index finger so that it gets good and sloppy with saliva. If it’s wet enough, you can hold a lit cigarette end-to-end in your fingers – the filter end’s against your thumb and the lit end’s against your index finger. You know, as if you’re demonstrating how long a cigarette is, except that there’s an actual cigarette between your fingers.

The lit end will crackle and pop like wild, and you can hold onto it until the saliva evaporates from the heat (this isn’t very long.) But the liquid will protect you from the heat, much like those guys who dip their hands in water and then straight into molten something-or-other without being hurt.

I assume the trick you’re referring to works the same way, using saliva as a barrier to the heat. But don’t go sticking lit cigars in your mouth just because I said so.

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I can put the cherry in my mouth without a problem but you gotta know a couple of things in advance
1)practice with an unlit cig
2)curl lips in or the paper sticks to them and it’s hard to get out
3) keep your tounge down
4)don’t inhale or you risk inhaleing ember or ashes (although it’s fun to blow and see smoke shooting out the filter)
6)be very careful taking it out of your gonna get burnt that’s when it happens

I’ve done this with cigars too and it isn’t that much harder
Good luck and after enough practice you can have someone else draw on the other end too
Another trick I learned is that if you put your finger on ice for a min or so and then dry it off (do that part when no one is looking) you can hold the cig for 30 secs or so before you even start to feel pain

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I think that, if they do enough takes, they do get burned once in a while.

Doesn’t anyone remember blowing “shotguns” with joints? Relatively easy, though I recall getting blistered lips a couple of times.

Ahh… the shotgun was to burned lips what the hot spoons were to burned fingers.

Cecil answered this question way back in the first Straight Dope book.

actually i do that trick all the time. its called a SHOTGUN where you place the lit end of a blunt (or joint according to your preferance) in your mouth and blow out as so the person at the end you toke from recieves a fairly large hit

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