What tricks can you do with a pack of Camel Ciagrettes.

I remember My Dad showing me tricks with camels cigarettes when I was little, but I cant remember how he did them. The one I most remember was he would have me count the pyramids, and then he would count and he would always have more. There were other tricks also but I forget how they went. Does anyone know what I"m talking about? What are the tricks?

Well, this trick takes a while, but I can give myself lung cancer.


A friend of mine showed me something really stupid. He showed me the front side of a pack of Camel’s. He said “You’re stranded in the desert and the sun is extremely hot. Would you rather hide under the palm tree, camel, or pyramid.” So I gave my answer, tree I think I said, then he turns the pack around and says “Why don’t you just go to the city around the corner?” It was pretty dumb.

I remember that one! thanks!

Well - I’ve done this a couple of times to win beer.

Challenge someone to a competition to see who can keep the longest “Ash Tower” on the cigarette. The looser buys the beer.

You will always win, cos you’ve fixed your cigarette.

Get a paper clip - straighten it out - put it down through the cigarette, careful not to poke it out the side - make sure you push it a little into the filter, so its nice and stable.

As you smoke the ciggy, the paperclip will help the ash stay put!

(Be careful when putting it out though, or you could give yourself away!)


Along the same lines… http://zippotricks.com/

I’m not sure there’s a factual answer to the question, so I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

Here’s one for you

#1. When no one is looking, dip the tip of your middle finger in some ash.

Then tell someone you’re going to show them a trick. As them to place their hands out, palms down. When they do, adjust them a little and say something like, “Okay, hold them right here and DON’T MOVE THEM.” When you adjust their hand, press the ash from your middle finger on to their palm.

Then ash into your own palm while they watch. Close both fists and wave them around a lot, - it’s all about distraction. Then ask which hand the ash is in. When they point to your hand, say, “No,…in yours.” and point to the hand where you wiped the ash. They look…sure enough - there it is!


My grandfather used to show me the lion and the lady (arms akimbo) hidden in the camel’s designs. Also he’d ask me where’s the little camel driver? When I couldn’t find him, he’d say “he’s behind the pyramid taking a pee!”

Oh, PawPaw, I loves ya!

Are you sure it’s a lady? She seems to have a beard and a penis.

The only “trick” I know is that if you hold the side with the word “choice” up to a mirror, the word “choice” is readable in the mirror.

Better than a paperclip is the metal wire inside a twist-tie. Burn off the outside (use a paper one, plactic would doubtlessly be bad, why, it could give you cancer or something) and cram it in. And it’s less bulky, so it hides better.

What tricks can you do with a pack of Camel Ciagrettes.

I can have one in my posession for many years and not smoke a single one of its contents!

I can make a pack of Camels disappear in about 24 hours.

I see you’re not impressed.

Why should I be? If you were a Conehead it would take you mere minutes.

Mass consumption! Mass consumption!

Here’s the snopes take on this one:

Yeah, I’d seen that. But I saw the aroused man on the pack many years before there was such a thing as snopes. Was it put there on purpose? Depends on how cynical you are. But it’s there.

By judicious use of my pocket money, I can keep packs of Camel cigarettes from appearing in the first place. :smiley: