How to properly extinguish a cigarrette?

At the Great American Smokeout I hope to quit smoking. However, until then, can someone tell me the proper way to put out a cig? I keep having to smother all these little bits of the cherry, so it takes me a good 30 seconds. What’s the trick?

The best way is not to light one up :slight_smile:

Next best: running water over it/submerging it.

Next best: squish it in a high-walled non tipable ashtray

Worst: Dropping it, still lit, into a trash barrel, couch, bed, or anything else combustible.


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put a little sand or something in your ashtray and snub it out in that… There is nothing stinkier on earth then a smoldering cigarette :slight_smile:
Also, a hose to the face of the smoker does the trick…at least, it works with my husband!

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My grandad used to just squeeze the cherry out between his thumb and index finger. He was the toughest guy I’ve ever met. WWII vet. of course.

My apologies…I meant to ask the proper technique for putting a cig out in a standard ashtray (ie no sand, water, etc)

OK, I’ll try to explain this…
You have to smoosh it directly down and then sort of fold the cig in half to get the rest.
Easy as pie…when is that smoke out thing?

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My dad was a WWII vet too. He snuffed them out the usual way, but then he would tear the paper apart and scatter the tobacco. I asked him once, and he said it made it harder for someone to track you or your unit.


That’s also the reason you smoke your coffin nails (nonfiltered cigarettes) with the label end out.

The ID burns away and you can flick your butt into the trenches and the Boche can’t tell if it wuz one-a you or one-a them.