Krampus (I cannot wait for this comedy/horror movie)

So I saw this movie trailer today (for a movie called Krampus) while at the showing of The Visit.

Immediately after seeing it, I told my cousin that I absolutely MUST see that one as well, when it comes out.

It looks very good, I think. I like movies that have an excellent blend of comedy and horror and this looks like it has both in spades.

It going on anyone else’s “must check it out” list?

Well, mine, now.

its been on ours since the first trailer we saw - this is looking to be a good round of horror.

What did you think of the trailer for “The Witch” ?

I’m sure I’ll see it because horror pickings are slim in December, but it looks a little goofy.

Have you seen Rare Exports? That’s a yearly X-mas viewing for me :slight_smile:

Looks scarier then Gremlins but could also be something that visits Kingston Falls.

I sort of thought that the trailer was going to be for A Christmas Horror Story.

I saw this before.

For me, this is a classic “drive away the audience” trailer. Really dumb and poorly put together.

If you can’t make a trailer better than this for a movie about Krampus, it’s a bad, bad movie.

I thought the trailer was already really well put together and great. In your opinion, it isn’t?

I just saw it today and loved it.

Especially how they played with “it was all a dream”; then everyone (including the dog) remembered they basically died and now it’s Christmas morning forever ;).

Bye the way did anyone else wondering what happened to any Jewish families in the neighborhood? I doubt Krampus would’ve run into any in Oma’s village for obvious reasons.

Until I heard about this movie, I seriously thought that they made up Krampus for that episode of American Dad, since that was the first and only time I’d heard about him. Of course, after seeing the trailer I learned that indeed it’s a longstanding part of Austro-Bavarian folklore. Those crazy Bavarians!

For those who can’t get to the theater yet, here’s Anthony Bourdain’s A Krampus Carol -


It’s really dark and more of a horror movie than a comedy, even having a dark ending.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read the wikipedia synopsis.

Yup - while there was some comedy in it it ws not a comedy -

the simFamily enjoyed it - and especially liked that they did what you have spoilered.