Santa Claus is NOT here to help out.

A grim take on the Santa Claus legend. Would any other Dopers go to see this?

That… looks awesome.

I really really want to see this!

Wow, when I was watching trailers yesterday, I skipped over this one because the picture looked like a comedy. I want to see this now :slight_smile:

Damn that looks good.

This has been popping up on 4oD adverts, and I’m intrigued, to say the least.

Can’t see the trailer right now, but aren’t films like this made every year? Santa Claus isn’t who you think he is, blabla, ancient curse, blabla, zombies.

I bought a movie from the bargain bin called Santa Slay that has a demon losing a bet to an angel and being forced to be Santa for 1000 years or some such. Now he seeks revenge!

I never did get around to watching it. I probably won’t watch this either.

I think it looks awesome and I can’t wait for it to come out.

That looks fantastic.

Now that is a bad Santa!

Sure, but this one looks GOOD.

Very good.

Wait… Isn’t the guy with the horns that gets the bad kids the Krampus?

Yeah, but they’re totally partners in crime. Classic good cop, bad cop routine. Works every time.

I’d forgotten they were making a full-length feature out of this!

For the morbidly curious, here are the original two shorts that started it all. NSFW WARNING: Naked fat old men and explicit violence.

What fun it is to laugh and sing a Slayer song tonight!

Just saw it and it was pretty good, though not as good as the amazing short films it was based on. Also I felt the trailer gives away a bit too much, but that might just be me. Usually takes me a while to digest a movie, not quite sure about my opinnion of it yet. The reviewer for Finland’s biggest newspaper called it the best Finnish movie of the year.

When I walked home from the theater I was wondering how the movie would be to a non-Finn though, given all the naked old men and exotic Lapland scenery. IMDB had some positive reviews from people aboard who had seen it on film festivals so I guess the movie translates well enough.

If any of you non-Finn Dopers see it, please tell me how you liked it!

Dude, those rocked! I doubt I’ll watch the movie those films are based on, because I don’t really go for horror films in general. But those shorts are some of the greatest films I"ve seen in a while.

“A Father Christmas of this size can’t tear apart a fully grown bear!” lmao

It wasn’t a horror movie - it’s rated as PG-13 equivalent here in Finland. It’s more of a dark comedy, though there were a lot of horror movie tropes used in it. It would’ve been easy to make a horror movie out of the same plot and material for sure.

ETA - it’s rated R in US, but “for nudity and language”, not for violence.