Krumkake Filling


I swear I did a thread last year on krumkake recipes last year, but I can’t find it.

So my problem is this. I have 1/2 gallon of raspberries. I will be making krumkake this weekend and would like to use the raspberries to make a filling for the krumkake, but I don’t know how.

Any help would be appreciated.


Krumkake: There are various spellings, but it’s like a hard crepe that is rolled into a tube. It’s a Scandahoovian recipe and if you haven’t had them, you should drool for the chance.

I hope Krumkake isn’t anything like bukkake or I’m not coming over for Christmas dinner this year.

Should it be spelled “crumb cake”, perhaps? This might alleviate any worries your guests have about being splurged over by dozens of masturbating gentlemen.

I thought this spelling was to show how corrupt the baking industry has become.

Krumkake filling is anything you want it to be. Why not a little whipped cream and whole raspberries? Or mash them up and cook them down with some Chambord liquor or brandy until it looks like jam?

What is it about people and filled krumkakke, anyhow? Every time gramma tried the cookies disintegrated into mush! Maybe her version is more delicate that the normal one?

Anyhow, eat 'em plain. They’re best that way :slight_smile:

You gotta eat em right away after filling them. You can’t fill them and let them sit for very long. The lighter the filling, the longer they last. Lemon or heavy vanilla flavored whipped cream is great in them.

But plain and coated with powdered sugar is yummy too. That reminds me. I have to find the rosette irons. It’s about that time :slight_smile:

Did they turn out, whistelpig? I love krumkakke (BTW, try the search with three k’s - krumkakke, that’s how I’ve always seen it), and never had them filled.

For those who haven’t had it: It’s rather like Italian pizzelle, but a bit larger and usually formed into a cone. If you haven’t had pizzelle…well, it’s sort of like those hand made waffle cones some ice cream shops have, but lighter all the way around - color, texture, flavor.

And oh, how I miss rosettes. I don’t know any where in NYC where I can get them.

Krumkakke are done. Now I’m working on the sand bakkles. Norwegian cuisine pretty much stinks, but there’s something to be said for their cookies. :slight_smile:

Krumkakes are done. I went without filling.

May all the bukkake people rot in hell for ruining my image of a holiday food I share with my friends and family in memory of my grandmother. When she died I claimed her krumkake maker and recipe to continue to share her memory with us.

Mods, please kill this thread. I’m sick of the juvenile crap.



Damn! My needlessoffensometer is off the scale! I’ll have to get it recalibrated AGAIN!