KTY Research Company

I found this site online when I was looking for survey websites. KTY Research

Has anyone had any luck with sites like these that charge a registration fee. According to the site users can make hundreds, etc, etc. I on the other hand am very skeptical about that claim but was wondering if anyone has any past experience with this company or similar companies. Thanks in advance for your stories!

here is one person’s opinion. These types of things usually charge you money to find things that you could find for free with little effort.

It’s a scam. Almost certainly a pyramid scheme. The only way to make those $ is if you “recruit” other survey takers. You’ll get a $5 kickback every time one of your acolytes hands over $30 to Big Brother. If you can recruit 20 people a day, every day, you’ll be earning those mythic hundreds a week.

Plus, you might get maybe a penny for every “survey” you take. If it’s done within an hour of getting it. And you don’t make any mistakes. Which you will.